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Wholesale Snap Jewelry

Wholesale snap jewelry is a specialized type of jewelry that has buttons on it that create the definitive decorations on the item of jewelry. What makes wholesale snap jewelry so different? Those buttons that create the decoration on the piece of jewelry can be “snapped” out of place, and then another button can be “snapped” into place, and thus changing the entire look, or style of the jewelry piece.

This type of jewelry is not going to take the place of fine articles designed to be worn for a formal occasion. Your diamonds, emeralds, and pearls will still be needed for those special evenings, but for your everyday jewelry needs this revolutionary style of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and watches, will let you create the pieces you need without having to buy a lot of different jewelry items.

This type of jewelry comes with many different “buttons” that are designed to interchange with the buttons on the items you have. If you wear a pink outfit on Monday you can place buttons that are appropriately colored to match your pink ensemble, and when you wear a green outfit on Thursday you will be able to wear the same articles of jewelry by simply changing the buttons.

These pieces make traveling easier because you can pack one selection of jewelry items, and the buttons to change them so they match different colored outfits instead of having to pack earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants to match each separate outfit. You will need less space to carry your articles of jewelry on your trip, and you will not get to your destination and discover that you have forgotten your accessories that go with one particular ensemble.

The snap together jewelry pieces make getting ready for work, or play, easier, and less expensive. You will need fewer jewelry boxes to store your accessories in, and you will spend less time, and money shopping for accessories. These pieces are actually saving people money.

The wholesale snap jewelry is available on line at prices far below what the retail merchants are asking for the same items. With Christmas quickly approaching you can buy a large quantity of the wholesale snap jewelry and distribute them as gifts to your friends and family. You will be giving them the perfect accessory for the majority of their jewelry needs.