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White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings

In recent years, people have begun to discover the versatility of this wonderful metal. Blended in with certain other metals, it manages to satisfy a new level of creativity that is being exuded by the newer crop of metal smiths and craftsmen. White gold is a prime example of this. Essentially an alloy, it sheds the usual yellowness of traditional gold and dons a modern silvery garb. This then has become the go-to choice for people looking to transcend the dual chasms of paying homage to the past while still walking proudly into a future that shines through, brightly!

The advantages of this wonderful alloy are manifold. One does not have to worry about being typecast as an old fogey. It is versatile enough to be worn at a conventional family gathering as well as that trendy party at the work-place. Such has been the popularity surge behind it that people have elevated its status to being a worthy contender to precious metals like platinum even. Infinitely more malleable than the latter, it is just right for creations that feature intricate design element. Not only this, but it is far more readily available and hence, vastly cheaper too.

Detractors do point out to the fact that a jewellery piece like white gold diamond hoop earrings would probably be exposed to a higher risk of nicks or minor dents. They even go on to claim that the rhodium based coating that is usually applied to improve the appearance and lustre shall eventually fade away. But, like most fears, these are either unfounded or rather easy to counter.

The coating for instance, does tarnish, especially when used in a harsh environment, but a quick visit to the friendly neighbourhood jeweller should be able to have it shining as new in no time. These days, one need not even take the effort of trundling down the high street. A simple call or a mail request to an online jewellery service tends to do the trick. Featuring a collect and drop facility, they not only are high on the convenience front, but also offer an experience that is largely hassle free.

So, the next time you chance upon a fine creation that’s been crafted in this highly alluring metal, shed those inhibitions and go forth with the purchase. Happy Shopping Folks!