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White Dress

Think fabric quality. It is the fabric that determines how a dress feels on your skin and how it fits. White dresses come in all kinds of fabrics including lace, stretchy and structured ones. Just make sure that the fabric you choose is high in quality and will not tear with the slightest pull. The quality will be even better if your dress is lined. Be careful with clingy fabrics, especially if you are sensitive about your every curve showing. The dresses that are tight will show every bulge and bump so wear what you are sure to be comfortable in.

Pay attention to what you wear underneath. The truth is that undergarments build the foundation of your outfit. When wearing white dresses undergarments are critical as they can easily show, especially if you choose wrong colors. This does not, however, mean wearing white garments beneath. To look appealing it is best that you stick to pieces that are skin toned. You ought to be very careful, especially if your dress is see-through, lacy and tight. For body-hugging dresses, choose underpants that are seamless and in colors that won’t show over the dress. A flowing dress that has a lining gives you more freedom to wear what you are comfortable in underneath.

Personalize your look with accessories. White dresses are easy to wear because they can work with any other color as far as jewelry and accessories go. You can express your personality by selecting accessories that pop the white dress in all the right ways. Demure women should consider classic accessories like gold neck pieces, nude sandals and pearl earrings whereas those with a rock and roll kind of personality can consider edgy booties and leather elements. Fun loving ladies can play around with shiny accessories to make the white pop even more beautiful.

Choose the right design. This should be guided by the event that you plan to attend. White dresses for a sexy date night look may not be all that appealing if you are looking for an elegant casual day look. Considering that there are so many designs available, select the right dress for the right look depending on where you are headed.