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Wear High Rise Jeans

Ladies with a boyish body shape can wear most of the jeans style, including high-rise one. Also, petite girls look great in high rise jeans, because they highlight their waist and elongate the legs.

When to wear high-rise jeans? The answer is simple: when you have a great body and you want to show it. High-rise jeans are meant to show the wearer beautiful shape and particularly enhance the bottoms. And now, fashion brands have increased the front inseam up to 11.5 inches. To wear such jeans, requires some efforts. That means that you must be really fit. But with great effort comes bigger rewards and your friends will always admire how well you fit in your new jeans.

The immense versatility of high rise jeans means that they can be worn anytime of the year, as long as you choose the right size, color and texture. When choosing a high-rise pair of jeans, make sure it has good “memory” properties, meaning how fast will the texture spring back after wear.

Regarding what to wear with this type of jeans, the options are also seemingly countless. Since the obvious reason you wear them is to display your waist and shape, choose a style that does so. A tucked-in top is the first and most common choice. Almost every style works, from long-sleeve tops, stripped t-shirts, tees and even lumberjack shirts.

Cropped tops and these jeans are a dream combo, both for the wearer and for anyone looking. Just be careful, there’s a thin line between being chic and kitsch. Revealing too much or exposing bras are some unpleasant fashion errors.

Long jackets are also a good combo. And we have seen it on many celebrities. Again, you must watch proportions and make sure that your body is really up to the challenge. Wear a leather jacket, with a rock band cropped top and you will surely get the rebel look you have always wanted. With the adequate accessories, you will surely make some heads turn around.