Wear for Your Body Shape

Pear shape

Women with this body shape can benefit by avoiding the shift dresses which are less likely to flow and instead cling to the body. Dresses that draw attention to the upper half of the body are the most appealing option.

Skirts have the ability to slim down the lower half of the body. The preferred style is in dark shades and tapers towards the ankles. It is best to avoid skirts that flare out from the waist.

When it comes to trousers or pants, the most interesting and appealing look is achieved with darker shades and colors. Try to wear a pattern that widens at the ankle area.

Apple shape

Dresses with the interesting necklines should be favored by those with an apple shape body. This style is favored for its ability to pull attention from the middle of the body. Also avoid the dresses that use a clingy fabric for the upper-half of the body.

The best look with skirts is achieved with well-fitting and pleated styles. This style is useful for drawing attention from the stomach area. Make sure to avoid wearing the pencil skirts.

Wear the trousers with less detailing and a fit that is slightly loose.

Athletic Shape

For the women with an athletic shape it is possible to wear a range of dresses, including those with a lot of frills and ruffles. A dress that has the ability to increase the all-round volume of the body may be appealing.

The athletic shape can benefit from the floral print and layered skirts to give the pretty look.

Tight-fitting trousers and skinny jeans can safely be worn by those with this body shape. They are easily combined with a pair of stylish boots.

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is able to accept virtually any style of dress from the flowing to the fitting options.

The pencil skirt or other well-fitting skirt helps to create the right look for those with an hourglass shape. The colors and fabrics should be experimented with to determine the right look.

Low-waist jeans or the tight-fitting trousers are a great choice for the women with this type of body shape.