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UV Gel Nail Polishes


  • Long-lasting – A major benefit of this polish is the ability to last a lot longer than the alternatives. Once applied, the polish has the potential to last for a period of three to four weeks. Most other types such as acrylic based polished can start to appear worn over a period of one week.
  • Natural look – This type of polish gives a high-quality finish and appears with no scratches or dents. Plus, it has a finish that looks a lot more natural looking than the acrylics.
  • Easy to use – The process of applying UV gel nail polish is very easy. The UV gel is applied to the prepared nails to give a great base for the polish. It should be given enough time to fully dry with the help of an LED lamp or UV lamp. Once the first coat is dry, it is possible to apply the actual polish which takes a couple of minutes to dry. A second layer of polish can be applied to give the brighter shine and longer durability.
  • Quick to remove – This type of polish is relatively quick and easy to remove. Simply soak the nails in a preferred acrylic remover and the entire layer of polish should be easy to clear. Plus, there is rarely a need to take extra steps like filing or grinding.


  • Harmful to your skin – The regular use of this polish may have a negative impact on the skin. This is mainly related to the repeated use of LED lamps or UV lamps that have the potential to lead to skin cancer. To limit this harmful exposure it can benefit to apply a preferred sunscreen lotion around the nail cuticle and fingers.
  • Lack of natural light – The constant use of artificial nail covers can limit the ability for natural light to reach the nails which is beneficial for proper growth.
  • Drying process – The drying process for the polish isn’t the most comfortable because of the heat that comes from the LED lamp or UV lamp. It is practical to use the small fans to minimize issues with discomfort.