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Use Diamond Stud Earrings

They are fantastic because they are tiny but look so good, in other words they look good and they are not as noticeable as say for example gold hoop earrings or pearl earrings.

Another great thing about diamond studs is that they are made of a beautiful stone called diamond. Diamond is one of the most rare and expensive stones known to man, and they sparkle very beautifully. Diamond stud earrings not only make your earlobes great to look at but they also make your overall facial feature fantastic.

Now let’s talk about the best places to wear these beautiful earrings. Diamond stud earrings can be worn anywhere but the best places to wear them are:

  1. Upscale dinners – Going to upscale dinners wearing these fantastic earrings will catch the envy of other guests. They sparkle and shine so fantastically that wearing them will catch the attention of other dinner guests and other people at the dinner.
  2. Music concerts – Wearing them especially clear diamond studs at concerts and other events will make you feel like a celebrity and people will definitely be more attracted to you. The natural glow and shine of the diamonds puts you on a level close to the actual performers on stage because of the greatness of the natural stone.
  3. Clubs – Imagine being in the middle of a dance floor and all the lights are sparkling and glowing. Wearing these beautiful earrings will put the spotlight on you while you are on the dance floor, and will definitely attract the opposite sex. Also whether you are a male or female can definitely help catapult your status in the dance floor fashion of fame.
  4. On the street – Especially for the young urban guys, wearing diamond stud earrings on the street can help enhance your reputation in many ways. It is advisable not to wear them in crime ridden areas though.