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Tricks to Care for Precious Diamonds

One of the most expensive, gorgeous and sought after stones these rare gifts must be treasured. Besides imagine how sad it would be to allow a once stunning piece turn into a dull looking object with no sheen or shimmer. So many times we chance upon some wonderful pieces that look attractive in spite of having been passed on from one generation to the next and from one hand to the other. It is only by good care that these eternally beautiful stones remain so. It is true that these gems are the hardest of all and are sturdy enough to take on wear and tear but it is also crucial that you do something to retain their shimmer.

The simplest and easiest thing to do is to clean your favorite stones at home and this you can do by soaking the pieces in slightly warm water to which you can add some mild soap. Let them soak for some time then run a soft brush carefully through each one and be gentle with your strokes but make sure you visit every little crevice. Having finished this task wash each of them with some water and dab a soft cloth over them. You will immediately notice the shine returning in fair measure after all the accumulated dirt comes off. Do this exercise at interims and make your fabulous pieces shine bright.

Although this is a process you can follow at home every now and then it is equally important that you visit to the jeweler once in a while and get a professional cleaning done. This is crucial so don’t give it a miss.

Storing your pieces correctly is equally important and though these are hard stones you must wrap every piece individually in soft cloth or tissue and put them in separate compartments of your box. Also never bring them in close contact with hard solutions or chemicals and if you’re engaged in some rough household work make sure you slip on a pair of gloves that can protect these charming stones. When you are dressing up for a special occasion put on your jewelry at the very end after you’ve applied your make up, done your hair and worn your perfume and once you get back these should be taken off first.