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Tips for Choosing Clothes for Plus Size Women

V-Neck Tops

V-neck tops look especially great on plus size women as it helps elongate your torso, diminishing the wideness of it. If you like it, wear a slightly deeper neck too. V-necks elongate your look and bring the eye downwards.

Proper Undergarments

It is also important that you wear proper and well-fitting undergarments because not only will you feel more comfortable when your undergarments fit well but your clothes for plus size women will also fit you better when you wear proper undergarments.

High Waists or Low Waists

High and low waists can both be used to your greatest advantage. Wear a high-waisted dress with a slimmer waistline and you can accentuate your curves better. Maybe even wear a belt to add emphasis, but if you are wearing pants, a lower waist band might look better. Wear pants that sit low on your hips so your belly is better hidden.

Longer Tops

Wear tops that elongate your torso. If you don’t have a belly worth showing off, cover it up! A longer top also elongates your torso and makes you look slimmer. Also, this way even if your love handles stick out over the top of your jeans, others won’t have to see it!


Heels are a great idea. The added height can often make you look slimmer. Also, you automatically walk more delicately when you’re in heels and so you don’t look like you’re simply rolling along.