Cross Necklaces

From the current world that mainly deals with the trends of experimental fashion, the cross necklaces are worn by as many people as jewelry, without or with having any relation with religion. These crosses are liked by a large number of people because of their basic construction which is classic and versatile. Even people of other religion along with atheists, non-religious people and religious people have accepted these crosses as a graceful charm when worn by using a beautiful chain around the neck.

Many multiple forms of these necklaces can be discovered in the present times. There are the plain cross pendant necklaces, the classic or orthodox crosses, the Celtic cross and crucifixes. There are certain pendants that are meticulously handcrafted with the help of designers, though there are many that are made on a commercial scale. The cross pendants can differ in dimension from being robust and big for being quite delicate and small. The structure is changed from time to time too, for adding variation in the conventional shape. The sterling and gold, silver cross pendants are essentially being common ones. Sometimes, diamonds are also encrusted inside the pendants for adding a special touch for going well with …

Exclusive Jewelry Pieces That Suit Any Outfit


Chain lock bracelets, bolder designed ones and stackable bracelets pave room for a new array of trends. You can choose bracelets depending on the style and attitude. You can wear beaded bracelets for a simple tee. Pearl bracelets look charming on traditional outfits. For a party wear, designer bracelets can be chosen. These are bracelet chains stacked one on top of another.


For a grand Victorian dress, you can wear a three tiered chain or a chandelier styled jewel piece. The necklace can be adorned with diamond pendants or you can go in for chunky designs using gem-stones. For a simple tee and a skirt, you can go in for simple styled chains that have studded stones or falling star or a ravishing heart, forming the pendant. Statement necklaces can let you go over the moon.


You can wear cuff-links across your shoulders to give your persona, a really suave look. Striped cuff links or golden hues go well with any kind of outfit. You can create a stunning impression by sporting these.


Chokers go well with rounded t-shirts or crew neck tops. Chokers cling to your neck-line, thereby helping you get a posh look.


Gold Chain Necklaces

Box chain necklace in 14 Karat white gold

It’s made from a 0.8 mm box chain of 14 karat polished white gold. The box chains are made from squares that are put together in order to form a smooth and continuous strand. The best thing with the necklace is that you can wear it along or with pendants. You can also mix it with other necklaces of varying lengths and widths.

The jewelries are available in different sizes: 16, 18-inch and 20-inches. The great thing is that regardless of the size, they come with a lobster claw clasp.

Crochet chain necklace in 18 Karat gold plate

Although, it’s not made from solid gold, it’s very pretty. It’s 17-inches long and has a 2-inche extender. It also comes with 1-inch crocheted loops.

Popcorn chain necklace in 14 Karat Yellow Gold

It’s made in Italy and measures 2 mm in width. It comes with plenty of texture that is very pleasing to the eye. In addition to this it also comes with rounded edges that make the units very comfortable to wear.

Lobster claw clasp is the one that is used in holding the unit securely. Price depends on the length of …

Strand Pearl Necklaces

Very different are the necklaces worn by Princess Diana. These were glorious chokers, often with elaborate clasps that were a design element of the necklace. Not all of them were that elaborate: Princess Diana, like the Queen, favoured wearing pearls on all occasions; to garden parties and to formal, evening occasions too.

During the 1940s and 50s, the “twin set and pearls” brigade of ladies had their heyday. The cashmere sweater and matching jumper, accompanied by a pearl necklace was iconic of the middle class, “up Town and County” set and was considered almost a trademark of the well-brought-up and well-connected lady-about -town. It spoke of “class” and “breeding” and “good taste”.

The twin set look goes in and out of fashion but the pearl necklace has never gone out of fashion: the classic three strands, the choker, the three strand, opera length necklace beloved by celebrities the world over and the highly-desirable pearl rope necklace have stayed at the top of fashion. Here is Katherine Heigl, wearing a real beauty:

She was most certainly not the first celebrity to realise the beauty-enhancing qualities of fine pearls. Her Majesty, Elizabeth the Queen Mother looks resplendent in her three long strands …