Striking Canary Diamonds

Price of Canary diamonds differ from one stone to another because each one is unique in its own way. Nevertheless, Canary diamonds are highly priced because they are found in the ratio 1:10,000 when compared to white colored diamonds. ‘Kimberley Octahedron’ is said to be the biggest natural yellow Canary diamond found so far. It was weighing 616 carats when it was found in the year 1972 in a South African mine. While buying diamonds online or offline stay informed and vigilant as you could end up buying a yellow topaz or citrine in the name of Canary diamonds. Conmen who are on the prowl can easily sell yellow topaz or citrines for the price of Canary, if you are unsure about your purchase. Other features to look upon while buying yellow Canary stones is to find out uniformity of color, brilliance, cut and clarity to justify the price you pay for it. A bright stone would have a uniform color along with flashes of light and color.

It is always recommended to buy loose diamonds so that they can be evaluated well than when they are in the jewellery item. Purchasers should also take their complexion into consideration while buying yellow diamonds. The main intention is to make it suit and accentuate their skin tone. The next important thing to consider is its size and weight as it has a direct impact on price. Before buying diamonds online or offline, check their place of origin, the possibilities of using them in a jewellery item and last but not the least proof of its genuineness. As you, the buyer always has the right to ask and know the facts.