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Sheepskin Bomber Jackets


A review of the features of sheepskin jacket also portrays the image of a heavy or unattractive coat. However, these coats are well known for their elegant yet casual style which makes them appropriate for almost every occasion. The coats come in a variety of fashionable silhouettes which have figure-flattering lines and attractive accents. These include a fur trim, belted waists, curve-accentuating seaming and draped collars. Having a sheepskin bomber jacket will guarantee that you will never sacrifice style because of the cold.

Water resistance

Sheepskin is a natural water resistant material. The wool fibers in the jacket contain sturdy water repellant layers that prevent water from reaching its core. Each of these wool fibers has a core that absorbs about 30% of its weight in moist vapor without getting dump. By absorbing the humidity and repelling external water, sheepskin is a thermal regulating material.

Moisture Wicking

Sheepskin Bomber jackets not only repel external moisture but can also wick away moisture from your skin. This will keep you warm and dry effortlessly in a wide variety of climates. The moisture wicking feature in the jacket enables you to comfortably wear the jacket regardless of the day’s weather.

Multi-climate comfort

Judging from the previous merits of the sheepskin bomber jacket, it is easy to disregard the jacket as too heavy or hot for moderate climates. However, the jacket is quite versatile. It is known for its breathability and moisture wicking properties. These features regulate body temperature regardless of the surrounding environment. Whether you are going for a light hike in spring or shoveling snow, this sheepskin jacket will help you stay cool and dry. The multi-climate comfort that the jacket offers makes it one of the few truly comfortable three-season coats.