Wear for Your Body Shape

Pear shape

Women with this body shape can benefit by avoiding the shift dresses which are less likely to flow and instead cling to the body. Dresses that draw attention to the upper half of the body are the most appealing option.

Skirts have the ability to slim down the lower half of the body. The preferred style is in dark shades and tapers towards the ankles. It is best to avoid skirts that flare out from the waist.

When it comes to trousers or pants, the most interesting and appealing look is achieved with darker shades and colors. Try to wear a pattern that widens at the ankle area.

Apple shape

Dresses with the interesting necklines should be favored by those with an apple shape body. This style is favored for its ability to pull attention from the middle of the body. Also avoid the dresses that use a clingy fabric for the upper-half of the body.

The best look with skirts is achieved with well-fitting and pleated styles. This style is useful for drawing attention from the stomach area. Make sure to avoid wearing the pencil skirts.

Wear the trousers with less detailing and a fit that is …

Stay Warm in Real Fur

Start with a Good Foundation

Before you load up on big puffy coats, you need to start with the basics. Your mother was right: cold weather means stocking up on long underwear. There are silk or thermal options to match your personal tastes. Silk is warm, but thin enough to layer under regular jeans. Thermals are perfect underneath heavy duty winter clothes. Think skiing or hiking in extreme weather.

Leggings and tights are also a great option. Both come in a variety of fabrics, keep you warm, and give you a put together look when paired with skirts and boots. If it’s especially cold in your area, you’ll definitely want to wear multiple layers.

Get a Real Fur Coat

When it comes to a winter coat, beauty is equally as important as functionality. When the wind chill is in the low teens or even colder, it doesn’t matter how cute your coat is if it doesn’t keep your warm. On the flip side no one wants to wear an ugly coat from the fashion reject pile, no matter how warm the coat is.

For fashion and function, invest in a real fur coat this winter. Why a real fur coat? …

Get Involved With Jewelry Making

There are many jewelry making kits available on the market for younger children and early teenagers, so if you have a child who is interested in taking up jewelry creation as a hobby, then it is very easy to help them to get started. Special jewelry creation kits for young people usually contain lots of brightly colored beads, pendants and charms, and lots of different colors of cotton wax cord. These kits usually contain instruction on how to make the most basic items, such as friendship bracelets.

However, if you are interesting in taking up jewelry making when you are a little bit older, you can still buy starter packs aimed at adults. These packs usually contain slightly more exciting things. Some jewelry making kits will be made up of things like fancy beads and different types of clasps, but the best kits will contain tools as well, like flat nose pliers which are often needed to bend wires etc. Most kits will contain instructions on how to create some standard pieces.

If you do not want to buy a kit then there are still plenty of other ways to get into jewelry making. Many local community colleges run adult …

Select and Clean Jewelry Items

For instance, the dealer of these valuable accessories can personalize products such as adding an embossed name, birthstone or charm on a necklace or ring. These can make your jewelry more unique and memorable. Quality jewelry means that classy and expensive materials have been used. These include gold, fine silver; sterling silver; copper; lead-free pewter (tin or silver-gray alloy); and, gold fill.

There should also be a warranty or return policy if customers are not satisfied with the item. In most instances, free shipping and delivery is provided for customers with substantial orders. Try to look for indicators that you will get only the best merchandise from these jewelry suppliers. Otherwise, find another more responsible seller.

Once you have chosen your desired earring, necklace, bracelet or ring, the next step is to learn the techniques in cleaning jewelry. The cardinal rule is that the jewelry must be the last accessory that you have to put on and the very first to remove. Never go swimming with your precious accessories. Chlorine, which is present in pools, can cause stains and dents in your favorite item. Abrasive chemicals can lead to discoloration while salt water can corrode the gems. Apply renaissance wax …

Colourful Gold

  1. Yellow Gold-Yellow is the original colour of gold and other shades are developed by alloying it with different elements in a range of proportions. It has been the common choice for men’s and ladies jewellery. One can’t imagine an Indian wedding without yellow gold jewellery.
  2. White Gold-White gold is the new popular metal for jewellery; it looks similar to platinum and offers a great look with diamonds and other precious stones. When white gold rings are new they can be coated with another white metal called Rhodium. It is very similar to platinum and shares many of the properties of platinum including its white colour.
  3. Rose Gold-Rose gold has a pinkish tint to it and is formed by mixing pure gold with alloys including copper. The copper provides the reddish colour to this precious metal.

Dual-tone or three-tone gold jewellery is a craze the world over. Two or three shades of gold combined to form a jewellery piece looks amazingly beautiful. However, knowing the purity of your gold is really important. You can choose from the various grades ranging from 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K and 22K. Many online jewellery stores are providing customized two-tone and three-tone gold jewellery at affordable …

Blown Glass Beads

How do you create these small unique, tubed pieces of blown glass? Glass blowing were first created back in the 1500’s in Germany. Hans Greiner glass blower developed a special kind of glass bead with silver lining inside. It almost looked like a pearl. Greiner’s the metallic silver bead were a hit all over Europe. Other glass makers in the mid 1800’s, created many other techniques. Czech bead glass makers in the 19th century were innovative, developing many designs and even creating Christmas ornaments. Czech glass beads were quite extraordinary. A lot of the time they would be a solid color like black with tiny carvings and silver blown inside that made the bead look like it had tiny mirrors.

Mold blowing beads are the most inexpensive way making a lot at once. These are light and colorful and most popular with the small villages in Mexico and Peru. Indians are most famous for making molded gold beads. Indians use them in most of their native costumes and jewelry; gold is cherished in India.

It might sound like an easy task to make glass beads, in fact it’s not. Indians use the old way of m. They prepare the tube …

Wear Colored Jeans

Color Blocked

The color blocking is one of the latest trends in the style market. Add a little pastel into your outfit to look stylish. You can either go for pastel combination or wear a bright colored top with pastel jeans. Wear neutral accessories with your outfit to give a fresh touch to your look.

Sport Inspired

It is in latest fashion to wear sport inspired outfits. You can give your look an athletic style by pairing your colored jeans with slouchy tees, baseball caps, varsity jackets or high-top sneakers.

Toughened Up

There are some people who want to work on their grunge aesthetic or alternative look. Colored jeans can be paired with distressed detailing, studding and lots of leather to get such stylish look. You can team burgundy or red jackets with them. Wear ankle boots to add a killer touch to your appearance.

Dressed Down

Dress them down for a casual yet trendy weekend look. Pair it with minimal accessories, slouchy sweater and a tank top. This look will surely provide you with self-confidence. Choose your favorite one to be in latest fashion.

Paired with Prints

To get a trendy look, pair them with a printed top. Printed …

Lily Bloom Crossbody Bag

The main advantage as to why the crossbody bag is so popular is how easy it is to carry. Rather than having a shoulder bag that continues to fall off your shoulder when you’re shopping or out and about, these bags fits comfortably over your shoulder and down the opposite site of your body, holding them in place at all times.

Another benefit to the Lily Bloom crossbody bag is you can decide which side you want to wear it from, it is flexible and easy to use. You can wear it on the left, the right, slightly forward or slightly back. The choice is yours and what you are most comfortable with.

You will find that by choosing this particular style of bag, your hands are free at all times. It reduces the need to hold onto the bag as you shop or as you move around, you can enjoy complete confidence that your bag will remain easily in place, enabling you to use both of your hands at all times.

The Lily Bloom crossbody bag can be worn to all types of events, whether you’re heading out with friends to see the latest film release, going out dancing …

Anarkali Dresses

The Bollywood celebrities have raised the mercury levels by adorning sizzling anarkalis in functions and red carpet events, further making the trend more popular among the masses. The popularity of the Anarkali suits can also be attributed to the facts that:

  • Anarkali dresses are gorgeous versions of gowns as the long length, flowy flair of the skirt gives a gown style look.
  • These suits are more popular than other ethnic wear outfits as they are easy to wear & carry
  • Apart from style, these suits also give a royal feeling to the wearer as they render a princess look
  • Since the suits have flared skirt & yoke, it can make you look slim by hiding your tummy fats
  • The intricate embroideries on top of the suit make them perfect option for weddings, parties & functions

The anarkali suits are designed in varieties of exquisite fabrics like net, georgette, velvet, cotton, silk & crepe glammed up with fancy embroideries including zari work, heavy lace work, resham thread work & many more to give a royal look to the suit.

If you are looking to buy these type of designer anarkali suits, then there is gamut of online stores that have a …

Murano Necklaces

Essentially, Murano beads are glass beads. They have been inspired by the glass artists of Venice and have been in vogue since 1291 AD. Over the years, glass artists have experimented with different manufacturing processes and come up with different finished products including multicolored glass, imitation gemstones, enameled glass, gold threaded glass, crystalline glass, milk glass and several more.

Murano beads of different colors are obtained by mixing different metals in very precise quantities. For example, mixing cobalt and copper makes an aquamarine murano bead. Gold solution is used to develop a ruby red bead. A lot of care and effort goes into manufacturing these delicate glass beads because chemical compounds need to be mixed in accurate proportions. Most of the highest quality Murano beads are hand crafted.

Beads that are prepared with such a lot of precision are beaded into attractive patterns to create stunning Murano necklaces. Although Murano necklaces are available all over the world in online as well as land based stores, the two most famous destinations for these jewelry pieces are Venice and Murano in Italy.

Women of all strata and social standing have patronized Murano glass necklaces. European royalty has been seen sporting these rich …