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Real Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are the only gems produced by living creatures. They are organic, created inside living mollusks.

Pearls are renewable. One mollusk can produce multiple gems at a time, can be grafted more than once – up to three times for high-quality mollusks – and mollusks also reproduce. Pearls take only a few years to form, not the thousands of years it takes for other gemstones to form.

“Pearls are unique – they are the only renewable gemstone in the human timescale,” says Dr. Saleem Ali, director of the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Regardless of whether they develop in nature or are cultured, pearls are formed in fragile ecosystems. The water in which the mollusks live must be clean and unpolluted, and marine life needs to be healthy. Pearl oysters are remarkably sensitive organisms. The healthier the oyster, the less likely it is to reject the nucleus or to be affected by a disease and other environmental stresses, and the more likely it is to produce high-quality cultured pearls.

A pearl farmer who cares about the long-term health of his farming operation must use environmentally-responsible farming practices to produce high-quality pearls now, and …

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Blister or Mabe Pearls


Cultured blister pearls are nucleated with a hemispherical nucleus which is implanted against the oyster shell beneath the mantle tissue. Some farmers even glue the nucleus onto the shell. The mollusk is returned to the water. The mollusk secretes layers of nacre which covers the nucleus to form a hemispherical with a flat back. After 12 months to six years – depending on the type of mollusk and the desired size – the mollusk is harvested.


To make a Mabe pearl, the blister pearl needs some work to be done. First, a circle-bit drill is used to cut the blister from the mollusk shell. The nucleus is removed from the pearl, and the hole is filled with resin. The back of this is capped with a piece of mother-of-pearl to complete it.

If you look closely, you can see where this was sealed, but most jewelry designs hide the seam.


Jewelers secure Mabe pearls in settings which require a hemispherical shape that conceals the flat back. These attractive pearls are usually found in rings, earrings, or set within a pendant. You won’t find pearls on …

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White Dress

Think fabric quality. It is the fabric that determines how a dress feels on your skin and how it fits. White dresses come in all kinds of fabrics including lace, stretchy and structured ones. Just make sure that the fabric you choose is high in quality and will not tear with the slightest pull. The quality will be even better if your dress is lined. Be careful with clingy fabrics, especially if you are sensitive about your every curve showing. The dresses that are tight will show every bulge and bump so wear what you are sure to be comfortable in.

Pay attention to what you wear underneath. The truth is that undergarments build the foundation of your outfit. When wearing white dresses undergarments are critical as they can easily show, especially if you choose wrong colors. This does not, however, mean wearing white garments beneath. To look appealing it is best that you stick to pieces that are skin toned. You ought to be very careful, especially if your dress is see-through, lacy and tight. For body-hugging dresses, choose underpants that are seamless and in colors that won’t show over the dress. A flowing dress that has a lining …

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Navy Blue Dress With The Right Jewelry

  1. Turquoise – This color will work well with the navy blue dress, especially during daytime events. You can choose anything from turquoise rings, necklaces to bracelets that come with turquoise stones. If you are headed for an informal event, party or an outdoor wedding, this is the color to go for.
  2. Gold – It is one of the colors that won’t disappoint in giving you a brighter look when you in a navy blue dress. You can opt for a gold brooch, headpiece, bracelet or a pair of beautiful earrings. A gold beaded belt can work just as fine if you want your waistline highlighted. You should of course, make sure you choose the size of jewelry according to the event.
  3. Mint – This color paired with a blue dress adds a classy fresh look with spring hues making some of the best with the dress color. If you want to look amazing, wear this color for daytime events for a chic appeal. You can also make mint pop on the dress by choosing jewelry with accents of ivory or gold.
  4. Silver – It is one color that works with almost everything and will definitely work with your navy dress.
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Outstanding Choice of Dresses

There are dresses that are meant for very specific functions and events and the features that you need to consider are very unique to each and every occasion. Dresses determine exactly how good you look and in some cultures, makeup is a very big part of the dress you wear if at all you want it to compliment you and all your attributes. Some points should be considered and they include:

  1. The material: there are so many materials that are used to make dresses and the selection is very unique to every woman. You should choose a material that offers comfort and one that you will feel at ease with. There are people that have allergic reactions to some materials and these should be avoided. You need to enquire about the quality of the material or you can check on the same yourself. You should be keen when it comes to silk and chiffon since purity may be compromised.
  2. The design: this is yet another very important consideration. You can find a dress that meets your expectation since there are so many in the market. Depending on the culture, there are so many choices that you can go
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Tricks For Curly Heads

  1. Bottom up combing strategy: Always it is preferable to comb the hair in the bottom up direction in order to detangle the knots gently rather than compounding them all towards the bottom and yanking it in its own way with the comb. Bottom up strategy eventually leads to lesser hair fall as tangle formation becomes the common problem mainly for the curly locked hair.
  2. Regular trimming to avoid the split ends: We should always be careful and cautious that split ends never look good at the same time not at all helpful for the growth of hair. These split ends makes the hair frizzy, rough and prevents its further growth. For healthy curls that looks bouncy and fresh head towards the hairstylist every six to eight weeks for a quick trim. Especially quick trim is more necessary on a dye or hair coloured texture as they require more care than the normal usual ones.
  3. Product Cocktailing: The process of product cocktailing helps to customize the hair care regimen by simply mixing two or more products to get the specific styling needs that demonstrate the hair needs and hair quality. For many of the hair stylists it has
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Trendy Navy Dresses

Picking the element that will bind it all together

In case of an event that is color coded such as a wedding, it is essential that you match. One of the worst things you can do is to have dresses that are not unified. You can choose an element, such as being strapless; has a bolero or a shrug and so on. Go with a theme when you are choosing the navy blue dresses so as to bring out the best during the event that you plan to grace.

Length choice

The choice of length is a personal decision unless you are choosing for an event where you must match. In the latter case, you should ensure that the length is the same. You can also choose the length of the navy dress depending on how nice your legs are or if you want to conceal a not so attractive feature on the same area.

Why choose navy blue?

There has been a trend where people wear mismatched dresses. While many people follow the trend, sometimes it isn’t always so appealing to the eye. The thing about navy blue is the fact that it is so complete and never out …

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Stainless Steel Bangle

The Tradition

Bracelet or stainless steel bangle as some would call it can be worn by anyone irrespective of what gender they are. In fact, some are very passionate about their hand accessories which include the bracelets. You get many designs on them, and some include bangles and charm beads.

These are of the Pandora style. Some of the bangles can also be found with gemstones that are real and have a magnetic charm in them. As per tradition these kinds are super beneficial for health and protect from any misfortunes. However, this is the connotation of cultures and not online stores.

The Collection

The online retailer has some very meticulous designs of the stainless steel bangle with a price range that is reasonable. They almost fit every hand because they are made in such a way. The classy designs have made it to the wrists of many people. They are cheaper than their silver and gold counterparts and hence can be considered for gifting options. The usually range in the sizes of a minimum of eight millimeters and the maximum being twelve millimeters.

Some Great Designs

Patterns and style are essential for people to select and invest in jewelry. …

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Lace Fabric


You can find it in two types: elastic one and non-elastic one. The composition of the material includes many fabrics. As far as the elastic type is concerned, it includes a little bit of spandex with a lot of nylon. On the other hand, the inelastic one is made of nylon alone. You can also find nylon-blended, cotton or polyester based varieties as well.


First of all, the most prominent feature of this fabric is that is embroidered. It looks unique and beautiful. Most people just love it. Since the clothes feature a unique pattern, they manifest luxury. Therefore, it has become a number one fabric on the list of most people all over the world.

Another great thing about it is that it can be used to make a whole host of clothes. Primarily, it is used in straight clothing or to cover other fabrics in order to reflect the beautify of a woman. As an accessory, it can be added to any type of food or clothing. Moreover, this can serve as a great piece of decoration as well.

In France, it is used for making wedding dresses where the price of these outfits is quite …

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Improve Your Socks Fashion


Professional settings and general black-tie events call for neutral socks. Consider acquiring a good number of black, brown, gray and even navy blue pairs for these occasions. Brightly colored socks, on the other hand, are usually good for blending in with any wear, whether formal or casual. They can be contrasted with practically any outfit and for any occasion. This category includes the different shades of blue, green and purple.


There are all manners of material for socks to choose from. From cotton, which is the most common, to wool and the costlier silk and cashmere, you will be spoilt for choice. Only the size of your pocket will limit you in this area.


Numerous patterns are available for you to choose from. Dotted, striped and argyle are some of the options available to you. The various patterns in socks communicate lightheartedness in your outfit. Make a point of adding a few striped varieties to your ensemble that will bring a certain finesse and sense of style.

Other Considerations

Consider matching your socks to the color of your long trousers in surroundings that are a bit reserved such as meetings, funerals and dinners. And while you’re at …

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