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Make Some Simple Things Using Jewelry Wire

  • Funky Beaded Hoop Earrings:
    Thin jewelry wire may not be strong enough to create beaded earrings, but it can be easily reinforced by winding another piece of wire tightly around it in a spiral, so that it looks almost like a spring. Wind the outer piece of wire very tightly until you get to a place where you want to put a bead. Arch the outer wire over the top of the bead so that it is held firmly in place, then carry on tightly spiraling around the inner piece of wire until you get to the place where you want to put the next bead. When the beaded wire is large enough to make the size of hoop you want, use the spiraling wire to secure the two spiraled ends together, making sure that the middle wire has enough excess wire to create the bit which will be threaded through your ear. Put one more bead onto the excess inner wire after the two ends of the hoop have been joined, in order to help to protect you from any potential sharp edges, and then hook the excess wire into a suitable curve to use through your pierced ear lobe.
  • Woven Pendant Basket:
    Making a woven pendant with jewelry wire is a little bit more complicated, but very easy once you learn how to work with the wire. You will probably require two different thicknesses of wire, including a very thin gauge of jewelry wire to ensure that the woven parts of the pendant look delicate. Start by choosing a pendant (it should be a simple round or ovoid shaped pendant to make the process easier). Cut three lengths of wire (using the thicker wire), that are just larger than the pendant, and then use masking tape to secure them gently into place, at slight angles to one another. Using the more delicate piece of wire, begin to thread it loosely around the thicker wires. Do not pull the thin wire tightly together but instead leave small gaps between each round of the wire to make it look more delicate. Go under one and over the other for a nice effect. Do not pull the wire tight, or you will spoil the shape of the basket. Use the thin wire to help seal the thicker wire together at the top into a basket shape. Once you have created this pendant basket, you can use any excess jewelry wire to make your design more unique. Using a clasp or a jump ring will enable you to hang this pendant from any chain or cord.