Identify an Authentic Gucci Handbag

The first thing to ensure when looking at any Gucci handbag is whether it comes with a dust bag. While some of the fakes may also come with a cover bag, the original items will be black or brown in color. They have a draw string and the Gucci logo will be in gold. Pay close attention to the font of the logo and the spacing between the letters to ensure the dust bag is original, giving you a little bit more confidence that the bag you are about to purchase is authentic.

The next thing to look for when buying an authentic Gucci handbag is the controllato card. All original bags from this designer come with this card, confirming the bag was checked and passed quality control after the manufacturing process. The card will have Gucci on the top, this is centered and again, check the font and spacing. Below that it will have the word “Controllato” and then it is followed below that with a set of numbers.

All genuine Gucci handbags come with an information booklet. Read through the entire booklet from front to back looking for errors. Unfortunately the fakes have often been translated from another language to English, this means that the chances of spelling and grammatical errors are common, helping you immediately identify the bag as a fake.

From here you are going to want to check inside the bag for the “Made in Italy” label. This label has a ® followed by the Gucci logo. On the back of the label you will find a serial number, which is two sets of numbers, one below the other.

All Gucci handbags have solid metal hardware. These are exceptionally high quality and durable, they will not chip or flake. On some of the bags, the hardware may be engraved. Unfortunately you cannot use the engraved hardware as a pointer, as some of the authentic bags aren’t engraved, but you can check to ensure that the buckles and clips are all made of strong and solid metal.

Your next step is to check the stitching. Gucci handbags are made with attention to detail and are thoroughly checked before they are released to the public. You will want to ensure the stitching meets the high standards promoted by this designer. All the stitching should be straight and even, it should be exceptionally clean.

If you are looking at a Gucci handbag that has the GG symbols on the exterior of the bag, there is a way to pinpoint on whether you are looking at a genuine product or not. The left hand “G” will face forward with the right hand “G” facing backwards. Check the consistency of the logo over the entire bag, it should be equally spaced apart without any small errors.

Whether you are buying a brand new bag or a second hand designer bag from this leading international designer, you will not be disappointed. They provide only the highest quality designer bags in an extensive range of stylish and elegant designs to complement your wardrobe moving forward.