Gold Chain Necklaces

Box chain necklace in 14 Karat white gold

It’s made from a 0.8 mm box chain of 14 karat polished white gold. The box chains are made from squares that are put together in order to form a smooth and continuous strand. The best thing with the necklace is that you can wear it along or with pendants. You can also mix it with other necklaces of varying lengths and widths.

The jewelries are available in different sizes: 16, 18-inch and 20-inches. The great thing is that regardless of the size, they come with a lobster claw clasp.

Crochet chain necklace in 18 Karat gold plate

Although, it’s not made from solid gold, it’s very pretty. It’s 17-inches long and has a 2-inche extender. It also comes with 1-inch crocheted loops.

Popcorn chain necklace in 14 Karat Yellow Gold

It’s made in Italy and measures 2 mm in width. It comes with plenty of texture that is very pleasing to the eye. In addition to this it also comes with rounded edges that make the units very comfortable to wear.

Lobster claw clasp is the one that is used in holding the unit securely. Price depends on the length of the chain necklace. The different lengths are: 16, 18, 20, and 24 inches.

Oval link chain necklace in 14 Karat Rose Gold

It’s available in different lengths that vary from 16 to 36 inches. The unique thing is that all the jewelries are held together by a spring ring clasp. All the jewelries are 1.5 mm in width and very good to look at.

Pink Mini ball and chain necklace in 14 Karat pink gold

It measures 1 mm in width and it’s made from rose gold. While many of the jewelries are made using rose gold, you can get some that are made in yellow or white 14 karat gold.