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Get The Best College Class Ring

  • Let the ring represent your personality – You can do this by choosing your favorite colors or by considering your hobbies or clubs you loved the most in college. There is really nothing ring designers cannot do to fetch you a special, unique ring, so do not be afraid to think outside the box when looking for the best. If your school is among those that design the rings for students, it could mean canceling the option and designing your ring yourself to all your specifications are met.
  • Choose the right ring metal – Most class rings are made in yellow gold but to get the best the metal is really a matter of personal preference and cost. You may want to choose a metal that compliments your kind of jewelry. Gold and silver make safe bets, but you of course can still select from platinum, white gold, metal alloy and even a mixture of gold and silver. For gold you would need to also think about carats and what they mean as far as the price goes.
  • Consider the metal finish – You have selected the right metal, but then to make your ring a little special it might help to also consider the finish. Antique is the most popular because it highlights ring details with gold metals having a brownish finish, whereas silver rings have a grayish black finish. Apart from antique, natural finish is your other option. The finish is shiny, bright and lovely whether you chose silver or gold for your ring. You would also need to decide whether to have textured or smooth finish. Textured finishes hide scratches pretty well, making them ideal for those who do lots of manual work.
  • Throw in a stone – Not many college class rings feature stones, but you can make yours special by including a beautiful stone for it. You can go for synthetic, natural or even simulated stoned depending on what you can afford. Diamonds are more expensive, but there are lots of other stone options. When choosing a stone, the color, size and cut should also be considered. You can be as creative as you wish with the stones to make your ring stand out.