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Essential Guide to the Best of Bags

  1. Satchel- Popularly known as a ‘man-bag’ also, a satchel has become the perfect friend for most men when stepping out. It is not just easy to handle and carry around your things in a systematic way but it looks uber chic and goes well with almost every outfit too. One can choose from a wide range, from the leather brown ones for a professional look as well as the denim or softer fabric ones in funky colours like bright blue, olives for that cool casual look on an off day.
  2. Messenger Bag- Also known as courier bags, these are much similar to a satchel in looks but are slightly different in their functionality as they are generally good for carrying around a lot more than a satchel. While a satchel is more about carrying the basics like laptop and a few books or files, the messenger allows more room for other stuff as well. While a satchel is usually sported across the shoulder, men are often seen keeping this one on either side of the body. Messenger bag generally stands more apt for semi-formal occasions, when going for an outing with colleagues or family.
  3. Backpack- This one’s an evergreen and is here to stay for time immemorial for we all love backpacks and one can be sure they can never be out of style. Backpacks look fit in right in slightly informal settings and come in use mostly while travelling. They are available in different sizes and shapes as per your travel needs and duration while also having enough options for colours, designs and patters to choose from.
  4. Duffel Bag- Duffel bags, too, are looked upon as best suited for travel and come in varied sizes for different purposes as well like when functioning as a gym bag or even a picnic bag when going out with family. As they do have a lot of space and are easy to carry, they can be put to a number of uses; they are as ideal for a weekend trip as for keeping any and all of your junk like tools or boxing kit etc., for instance.
  5. Briefcases- Even though these can be counted as the most traditional ones for men have been carrying the classic black or brown briefcases since the 80’s or even before (as we see in the old movies) but till today, they refuse to go out of the style checklist. Briefcases simply make one look decent, serious, business-like and well, rich, all at once; this is really the one right way of saying that you mean business. And what’s more, the old briefcase has been completely revamped today, coming in much sleeker version, in stylish leather or even the metal ones with those gadget-like lock systems to flaunt in any important business meet with clients or seniors.
  6. Travel Trolley Bag/ Suitcase- These are a must have for every man who travels, be it more frequently or less as when you travel, the last thing you want is to fuss about carrying your stuff among other important things like documentation, having enough money etc. A big travel trolley bag/ suitcase that is both sturdy and stylish will not only work best to carry it all around conveniently but will also not make anyone receiving you at the airport look down upon you. And with this, also comes the other necessary extensions like the garment bag for keeping your ironed clothes neat and nice, shoe bag to avoid damaging that expensive pair of shoes and the Dopp kit for toiletries that you just can’t do without.