Custom Dresses

Choosing the Fabric

With custom dresses, you have a variety of fabrics from which to choose. Selecting your own fabric means that you will have the exact color and weight for the garment to create the dress of your dreams. Whether you opt for satin, silk, organza, chiffon, cotton, or lace, the finished product can be precisely what you envision.

A Style Just for You

When you buy a garment off the rack, this ready-to-wear clothing is produced for the masses with no individual styling. In contrast, custom dresses are designed specifically for you in whatever style you choose. This gives you the freedom to combine various features to create exactly what you want. The neckline, bodice, waistline, skirt style, and length are important individual features of a dress. Perhaps you wish to accentuate some of your physical features while minimizing others. By designing your own gown, you can create a garment that flatters your figure perfectly.

Professional Recommendations

A tailor offers a myriad of professional options when designing and creating one-of-a-kind gowns. Even if you are not sure about exactly what you want, a tailor can offer expert guidance to help you with this process. These professionals also have expertise about styles and features that suit different body types, which can help you create the most flattering garment for you. Seek an expert’s opinion as you design a gown to ensure that the finished product will be dazzling.

Customized Fitting

The fit of a garment is another crucial detail. When you engage a professional to make a dress especially for you, customized fittings are always a part of this process. If you purchase a ready-made garment, the fit will not be specifically tailored for your body unless you have it altered. With a dress designed for you, the tailor will take all of your measurements to begin the process. The garment will be made to fit you from the beginning. However, additional fittings will occur throughout the process to ensure a perfect fit.

Accessorizing Options

Accessorizing custom dresses is one of the most enjoyable benefits of this process. Consider the many ways that you can add special touches to the finished garment. You could add rhinestones, pearls, trims, or appliques to the fabric. Other accessories that can help make the final effect dazzling include a belt, a matching clutch, and a shawl or a wrap. When you have specific accessories that you would like to incorporate into a design, a tailor can work with you to create what you want.