Choose The Right Wig For Your Face Shape

Determining Your Face Shape

There are 3 ways one can determine their face shape. The first method is the mirror method. Tie back your hair and while in front of the mirror, trace your face shape on the mirror and compare the shape from the images that you can find in the internet. The second method is the tracing method. If you have an old photograph, you can trace out the outline of your face. If you feel that the two methods do not work for you, you can use a measuring tape to measure your face from the tip of your hairline down to your chin and from the farthest corner of your jaw area.

Face Shape

Once you determine your face shape, it is now time to determine which wig would flatter your face and which ones you should avoid.

An oval-shaped face has an advantage among other face shapes because they can wear almost all styles as the facial construction is well balanced and proportioned. A shorter or a longer wig style would accentuate the person’s features especially one that is off the face. People with oval-shaped facial construction should however avoid wearing wigs with bangs as it might give an illusion of added weight to the face.

People who have a round shaped face would look best when they wear wigs that have off-center styles as it adds fullness and height to the crown area. As the areas around the chin area is bigger than the other parts of the face, it is important that one should avoid a wig that is chin length or the short-cropped styles.

Individuals with Square shaped faces would find that short to medium length styles, especially ones that are layered would fit best as these soften their looks. Curly or wavy wigs will balance out their facial features. They should however avoid wigs that are styled straight or short straight bobs as these will accentuate the jaw line.

Those with heart-shaped faces would look good wearing wigs that have swept forward layers or a chin length bob as this creates a balance on the face; however they should avoid short wigs that have tapered necklines as this would make the upper part of the face appear heavier.