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Choose Bridge Jewelry

Faux Pieces Are Worth the Investment

This shouldn’t stop you from considering costume jewelry as accessories. The best pieces come close to the real thing, especially if you invest a reasonable amount on quality. A ruby pendant the size of a baby’s fist seems too good to be through, but the trick is to make it look like you have a right to wear it just the same. There are several ways you’ll sort out great replicas from cheap fakes, and you shouldn’t settle for second-best even if you’re only investing in replicas.

Substitutes for Precious Metals

The finish of the metal should come close to real gold, silver, or other precious amalgams. In many pieces, lesser metals are plated with fancy ones, as much as necessary to duplicate the sheen of the real thing. Some metals are coated with finishes instead, though, to achieve the same. What you’re looking for is a finish that won’t wear off with use and won’t chip under your finger nail. Cheap substitutes are really inferior in terms of quality and appearance.

Faux Gems Deserve Quality Workmanship

Gems may be duplicated with a variety of materials, and many are simulated with different coatings as well. The best faux pieces are made of homogenous materials, though. This means that paint finishes, foil backing, and cheap plastics are unacceptable. You’ll see the difference when you compare high-quality faux pieces with mere baubles. The latter comes with finishes which eventually chip off, revealing the plastic underneath. Faux pieces are identified by the quality of the workmanship, the detail jewelers put into ensuring the piece comes close to the real thing.