This new diamond timepiece is appealing and eye-catching for it’s innovative design namely the unique steel rope design. This design is greatly influenced by the old cultural relics of the first civilization of the Celts that existed some two thousand years ago. Although the actual design is that of a gold ring, Charriol has used their craftsmanship and creativity to create this rope like design on the basis of the ring.

This beautiful Charriol timepiece has a high quality stainless steel bezel that is further encircled with a steel rope. The steel bezel has two rows of diamonds whose beauty and brilliance is further accentuated by the white mother of pearl dial. The whole wristwatch has an aura of luxury and magnificence around it. This range has both types of timepieces i.e. male as well as female versions. The male wristwatch has a 42mm dial whereas the female version has a 33mm dial. One can purchase both the watches as a set as well. With this watch one also gets a stainless steel bracelet as well as a genuine leather strap that they can use on a regular basis. One also gets to opt from silver and black styles as per their preference and taste.

This collection also has the black ceramic style so that you can add an air of elegance and style to your appearance. This variation has a black ceramic bezel with a stainless steel case and a bracelet that is again made out of black ceramic steel. Exquisite design along with the high craftsmanship level of Charriol timepiece makes it an absolute buy. This timepiece is perfect as a party wear or a business meeting where you need to make an impression. To create your individualistic sense of style this timepiece is an excellent choice.

As far as the performance and functionality is concerned you don’t need to worry as it comes from the house of Charriol who are well known for their dedication, commitment and the zeal to offer superior quality watches that are loved and cherished for their accuracy and precision.