Trio Wedding Ring Sets

When couples want to make their relationship official, they need the help of three rings, namely promise rings, engagement rings and wedding rings. These pieces of ornaments are very important to the couple as they help them in starting their journey of love and fidelity. Instead of buying these rings separately, most couples opt for purchasing trio wedding rings sets which offers them with a lot of benefits. They not only get to buy all the jewelries that they need at once, but they also get buy matching rings which help in strengthening their bond of love.

Most of the popular regular and online jewelry stores sell trio wedding ring sets. In fact, some of the stores even allow the buyers to customize their sets, and choose rings with different style and design, and made of different gemstones, for each of the occasion. The other benefits of opting for such ring sets include:

  • Minimize effort & save time – when you opt for trio wedding ring sets, you will be able to save a lot of time and effort. You will not need to individually look for the rings because of which you will be able to save time.
  • Save

Cheap Rings for Girls

One example of cheap rings for girls involves wearing jewelry which is valued, not because of an expensive gem or platinum band, but more because it has a design which appeals to the wearer. Since it is the design which is important, it will not matter as much what the ring itself is made of. There are rings out there which are made with intricate designs, such as images related to animals. The beauty of this piece of jewelry becomes tied directly to the quality of the craftsmanship associated with the item. If the ring looks like a lot of quality work was put into it in order to come up with the final design, then this could be something that a girl may find interesting enough to wear.

Other rings involve designs that pertain to flowers. So the core of the ring may be made to look like a particular floral arrangement. This may appeal to a girl whose favorite flower is featured on that piece of jewelry. A person may also choose to wear it simply because the aesthetics of the piece appeal to her. Such a ring may not have any precious gems at all. It could …

Choose Bridge Jewelry

Faux Pieces Are Worth the Investment

This shouldn’t stop you from considering costume jewelry as accessories. The best pieces come close to the real thing, especially if you invest a reasonable amount on quality. A ruby pendant the size of a baby’s fist seems too good to be through, but the trick is to make it look like you have a right to wear it just the same. There are several ways you’ll sort out great replicas from cheap fakes, and you shouldn’t settle for second-best even if you’re only investing in replicas.

Substitutes for Precious Metals

The finish of the metal should come close to real gold, silver, or other precious amalgams. In many pieces, lesser metals are plated with fancy ones, as much as necessary to duplicate the sheen of the real thing. Some metals are coated with finishes instead, though, to achieve the same. What you’re looking for is a finish that won’t wear off with use and won’t chip under your finger nail. Cheap substitutes are really inferior in terms of quality and appearance.

Faux Gems Deserve Quality Workmanship

Gems may be duplicated with a variety of materials, and many are simulated with different coatings as …

Check the Quality of Silver Jewelry

Different grades of silver are available, and it is a good idea to check the jewellery is high quality before you buy it. In America, an item can only be marketed as silver if it is an alloy that contains at least 90% fine silver. The lowest quality of silver available will therefore be marked 900. Standard silver or sterling silver is a slightly better quality alloy (92.5% silver) and will be marked 925. The highest quality of silver that is usually sold at jewellery and tableware stores is referred to a Britannia Silver and will be an alloy containing of 95.8% fine silver. This will be stamped 958. Some lower quality silver jewellery will also be plated with a very thin coating of fine silver to give it a perfect finish, and will be stamped with 999 as well as the other quality mark in order to denote this. If you are in doubt about what quality silver your jewellery is, check the product thoroughly to find the quality stamp. This mark may be very small so you may have to examine the item carefully with a magnifying glass. The mark will usually be located on the bottom, back …