Blue Diamonds

Collectors and experts have a particular fancy for these stones not because of their rare occurrence but due to their chemical, physical properties and legend surrounding them. These loose diamonds get their blue color due the presence of boron in them. The percentage of boron content determines the intensity of the blue color. Hence, you can find blue diamonds in light blue, dark blue, deep blue, grayish blue, vivid blue and greenish blue colors. Due to technological advancements, now many synthetic or artificial blue stones are being created and sold. This urges you stay alert and be cautious while purchasing loose diamonds.

Real and blue diamonds are most often purchased to glorify rare stone collections or for creating magnificent jewel designs. They make good investments and heirlooms which can be passed on from one generation to another, with pride. When blue diamonds are exposed to ultra violet light, they exhibit a blue glow that is very unique to them alone. The only exception to this rare phenomenon is the hope diamond which produces a red glow instead of a blue glow. Even after several minutes of ultraviolet light exposure it stays red. Scientists and experts call it as phosphorescence and …

Colors of Garnet Engagement Rings

Cheap garnet rings will not be blue in color. The blue variety is the rarest of these items and was not even discovered until the 1990s. It is primarily found in Madagascar, but has also been discovered in the United States, Russia, and Kenya and in Turkey. It has a high amount of vanadium and actually changes from the blue color in the daylight to a deep purple hue in the evening. Cheap garnet rings will likely be fashioned out of the red variety and will not be created from this or the other color changing varieties.

Garnet gemstone rings are most frequently created with the red stones. These red stones have been used in garnet gemstone rings since the Late Antique Roman world. They are frequently made as birthstone rings in the United States because garnet is supposed to be the gemstone that represents the birth month of January.

The different colors are created by different amounts of different properties in the gemstones. These differing properties also create difference in the actual hardness of the stones. Because of these differences these items are used for more things than just making pretty trinkets or baubles. They are used as tools …

Sterling Silver

Markings and requirements

The US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) states that jewelry for sale cannot be described or marked as ‘solid silver’, ‘silver’, ‘sterling’, ‘sterling silver’ or ‘Ster.’ unless it does contain at least 92.5% of genuine silver. This can also be said to be 925 parts of pure silver per thousand parts, explaining the ‘925’ or ‘92.5’ inscriptions on jewelry that designates silver content.

Caring and cleaning

To avoid tarnishing of your silver, store your silver jewelry in bags or cloths meant for tarnish prevention. The cloth is treated to slow down the tarnishing process and keeps it from being rubbed by harder jewelry that could potentially scratch it. Also, keeping it in a cool and dry place will also help protect it.

For cleaning, you can rely on polishing cloths as they are a good choice for this purpose. Some people recommend using toothpaste to clean silver jewellery, but toothpaste can be abrasive and will leave scratches. So, avoid doing that.

What is silver patina?

A type of glow along with darkened areas often develops on sterling jewellery that is continually worn, called a patina. It sometimes looks good and so, if you like it, do not do …

Black Onyx

The meaning of having or wearing onyx is separateness. It helps in releasing negative feelings and emotions, especially with grief and sorrow. It’s sought out to help end relationships. Black stones but mostly onyx help protect the energies; it’s said that black is the opposite of light, so this helps one see at the end of the tunnel. Onyx helps sharpen your senses, confidence and encourage health.

Persian believed that black onyx relieved pregnant women from the pain form delivery or any pain during pregnancy. They believed that black onyx was a protector from all evil. Today many wear the gemstone to bring them protection and to find great love. This great, small stone is very powerful when worn. It helps protect the wearer from negative energies, enhance self-confidence and health. The health benefits of the black onyx are limitless. If you have problems with your kidney or heart or nerves or eyes, its healing powers will sooth those areas when worn. The onyx properties are steadfast and getting and keeping you level-minded.

This black gemstone in the past was mostly used for carvings of artifacts and jewelry in ancient times and also presently. Onyx was carved into bowls, other …

Shopping For Solitaire Rings And Other Jewelry

Today, you can find men’s jewellery products made from a range of materials such as gold, silver, platinum as well as titanium. These can be easily adorned with precious stones such as coloured gems and diamonds. If you are able to find the right jeweller that offers to you high quality craftsmanship and eye-catching designs, you will be able to make sure that you make the right purchase.

Consider this while purchasing jewellery for your companion-

  • Remember that most men consider jewellery as little more than a fashion accessory. It is thus important that the piece you purchase isn’t too gaudy looking or extravagant. It is important for you to make sure the design you pick is masculine enough. Most men prefer wearing jewellery made out of light weight materials.
  • In addition to this, it is important that the material you pick is free of maintenance. Your polish should be long lasting and in the position to handle the rugged lifestyle of your husband of fiancĂ©.
  • Try to select a design that goes well in casual as well as formal attire. Men who understand jewellery will appreciate good craftsmanship. Make sure that is a dominating consideration in your purchase.
  • It

How to Care for Swarovski Jewelry

It is quite understandable why women all over the world don’t pass up the opportunity to buy Swarovski jewelry because for one, it rivals the diamond as far as shine and sparkle are concerned. They contain 32% lead which qualifies them as fully leaded and are expertly cut crystals painted with a special metallic coating that allows more light refraction, which is mainly the reason behind their famous sparkling quality.

It is because of this particular quality that Swarovski crystals are used on everything by designers of every kind, from haute couture to jewelry to even candle holders. Despite the fact that they can be quite a challenge to maintain and handle, it is still the crystal of choice for most people. These days, however, it is making its presence felt more in the realm of jewelries and accessories and is one of the fashion trends that don’t fade away no matter what the season.

It is perhaps good to note that Swarovski crystals are not your usual crystals. They are actually man-made gems created and manufactured in Austria in the 1800s, by a man named Daniel Swarovski who had discovered a way to make high-quality, lead glass crystals by …

Slide Bracelets

A slide bracelet is one of the bracelets that you can make with a rhinestone charm. This bracelet is also known as the European charm bracelet. The unit is slender with a rope style. Due to its design, charms and beads can easily slide into it.

To make the unit you should do your research and find the right chain for you. When choosing the chain you should consider the type of clasp. For example, you should choose whether you want a lobster, toggle, or barrel clasp. You should also consider the size and thickness of the chain. If you want to feel free, you should go for the bangle style chain that you can easily slip over the wrist and has an opening where charms can easily slide into.

The right charms to choose are those that have holes in the center. They shouldn’t have external hoops or rings. When making your purchase you should be aware of the hole size and the size of the bracelet. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the two match.

You need to be careful and ensure that you buy the charms that have the letters of your interest. To create …

Unusual Engagement Rings

The amethyst is an ancient stone and is embedded within Greek mythology. This is an aspect which greatly appeals to buyers looking for a stone to put in an unusual engagement ring. It makes the stone choice traditional but in an entirely unconventional way.

The Greek myth surrounding amethysts originates with a girl called Amethystos who was the pinnacle of purity. She became the object of affection by Dionysus (the god of wine) who attempted to drunkenly proposition her. Amethystos prayed to the gods to preserve her innocence, and her prayer was heard by Artemis, who turned her into white stone in honour of her purity. Moved by her strong desire to remain pure, Dionysus poured his wine over the statue to honour it. The stone was stained purple, and that is the mythical origin of the amethyst’s purple colouring.

To this day, amethysts still represent purity and clear-headedness, making them a popular choice for unusual engagement rings as they have a unique symbolism, compared to that of more mainstream stones. As a gem with traditions throughout history, the amethyst is also rife with religious connotations, meant to convey spirituality, sincerity and a pure heart to the wearer.

The stone …

Diamond Color Variations Impact Value

Colored diamonds are not fake and they are not gemstones. They are real – structurally and atomically identical to the more commonly seen and worn colorless ones. These colored gems, sometimes referred to as, ‘fancy colored diamonds’, possess the same qualities, as far as extreme hardness and brightness, as those of the more conventional white diamonds.

The color of diamonds is determined by the earth’s natural chemical interactions. All diamonds are formed inside the earth. Colorless diamonds are formed from pure carbon but in more rare instances, other minerals, not usually present, come into contact with the carbon during the formation of the stone, which is what creates the various diamond colors. Different minerals impacting the carbon during its transformation into a diamond will produce different colors. For example, rare blue diamonds like the famous Hope Diamond, are the result of the added mineral boron during the formation process.

When selling your diamond to a buyer, color is always taken into consideration when determining its quality and value. More rare, strongly colored stones are worth a premium as are the gems at the opposite end of the color spectrum; the purely transparent, colorless diamonds. White diamonds are evaluated using colorless …

Styles of Engagement Rings

Three-Stone Engagement Ring

The three-stone rings feature a center diamond with two similar diamonds on either side. They are said to have great sentimental value as the three stones represent the past, present and future of the relationship. Princess and round cut diamonds are the most popular choices for the center stone in a three-stone ring. The two side diamonds are approximately half the carat weight as the center diamond. is usually The diamonds can be prong-set, basket-set or bezel-set.

Side-Stone Engagement Ring

Sidestone rings feature a center diamond flanked by two or more comparatively smaller diamonds on either side of it. Sidestone rings look more radiant and bright because of the additional diamonds and how they make the center stone look more distinct, bigger and shinier!

Split Shank Engagement Ring

A split shank ring features a band that splits as it reaches the center stone. These are one of the modern styles of engagement rings. This style of engagement ting is a nice choice for elongated center diamonds such as pear, oval and marquise as it helps to visually balance the diamond. These split shank rings can also have micro pave diamonds on the band to make it look …