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Organic Body Jewelry


This is one of the most popular types of organic body jewelry in the market today. It is stylish, lightweight and cheap. You could make assortment of creative designs with this and wear it on any part of the body. Wood is the most preferred material for making jewelry because it is natural and blends into the body. Do remember to remove it once in a while and clean it with jojoba oil or likewise that keeps the wood moist.

However, a big drawback of this is that it cannot be autoclave sterilized. That implies that it can contain bacteria and other harmful particles. Therefore it is not ideal for long time wear, for new piercings or unhealed piercings. Also try to use wood pieces that are not mixed in dye or other toxic metals.


Until a big crackdown began on ivory dealings, this was another popular form of body jewelry. Ivory tusk from elephants fall in this category. However, walrus and Mastodon’s tusks are also used to make jewelry. Many people wear this mainly on ear and nose piercings. Given its large size it cannot be used on smaller body parts. It could be used individually or …

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Blue Amber

Increasing Mental Stability

The blue amber when worn on a necklace or a bracelet interacts with the skin. It produces certain effects within the biological composition of the body. The effects manifest in the form of increased mental alertness and stability. If you were a very short tempered and fickle minded person before, you would notice a considerable change in this behavior.

Upgrading Your Mental Alertness

It will make you more alert mentally. Thus you can concentrate on your work better and can deliver results in a fast and efficient manner. This is a very common problem among youth who have reduced alertness as their mind venture to several thoughts quickly. People who have worn rings with these ‘stones’ have reported their mental alertness increased manifold.

A Better Control on Your Emotions

This variety is also found to create an emotional stability. Often we tend to become very sensitive to small matters and get affected easily. We lose our control and do things which are not at all expected from us. If you are someone facing this sort of problem, don’t blame yourself entirely. Situations that you face in life also contribute to these problems. Such amber rings have proved …

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Real Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are the only gems produced by living creatures. They are organic, created inside living mollusks.

Pearls are renewable. One mollusk can produce multiple gems at a time, can be grafted more than once – up to three times for high-quality mollusks – and mollusks also reproduce. Pearls take only a few years to form, not the thousands of years it takes for other gemstones to form.

“Pearls are unique – they are the only renewable gemstone in the human timescale,” says Dr. Saleem Ali, director of the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Regardless of whether they develop in nature or are cultured, pearls are formed in fragile ecosystems. The water in which the mollusks live must be clean and unpolluted, and marine life needs to be healthy. Pearl oysters are remarkably sensitive organisms. The healthier the oyster, the less likely it is to reject the nucleus or to be affected by a disease and other environmental stresses, and the more likely it is to produce high-quality cultured pearls.

A pearl farmer who cares about the long-term health of his farming operation must use environmentally-responsible farming practices to produce high-quality pearls now, and …

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Blister or Mabe Pearls


Cultured blister pearls are nucleated with a hemispherical nucleus which is implanted against the oyster shell beneath the mantle tissue. Some farmers even glue the nucleus onto the shell. The mollusk is returned to the water. The mollusk secretes layers of nacre which covers the nucleus to form a hemispherical with a flat back. After 12 months to six years – depending on the type of mollusk and the desired size – the mollusk is harvested.


To make a Mabe pearl, the blister pearl needs some work to be done. First, a circle-bit drill is used to cut the blister from the mollusk shell. The nucleus is removed from the pearl, and the hole is filled with resin. The back of this is capped with a piece of mother-of-pearl to complete it.

If you look closely, you can see where this was sealed, but most jewelry designs hide the seam.


Jewelers secure Mabe pearls in settings which require a hemispherical shape that conceals the flat back. These attractive pearls are usually found in rings, earrings, or set within a pendant. You won’t find pearls on …

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Navy Blue Dress With The Right Jewelry

  1. Turquoise – This color will work well with the navy blue dress, especially during daytime events. You can choose anything from turquoise rings, necklaces to bracelets that come with turquoise stones. If you are headed for an informal event, party or an outdoor wedding, this is the color to go for.
  2. Gold – It is one of the colors that won’t disappoint in giving you a brighter look when you in a navy blue dress. You can opt for a gold brooch, headpiece, bracelet or a pair of beautiful earrings. A gold beaded belt can work just as fine if you want your waistline highlighted. You should of course, make sure you choose the size of jewelry according to the event.
  3. Mint – This color paired with a blue dress adds a classy fresh look with spring hues making some of the best with the dress color. If you want to look amazing, wear this color for daytime events for a chic appeal. You can also make mint pop on the dress by choosing jewelry with accents of ivory or gold.
  4. Silver – It is one color that works with almost everything and will definitely work with your navy dress.
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Stainless Steel Bangle

The Tradition

Bracelet or stainless steel bangle as some would call it can be worn by anyone irrespective of what gender they are. In fact, some are very passionate about their hand accessories which include the bracelets. You get many designs on them, and some include bangles and charm beads.

These are of the Pandora style. Some of the bangles can also be found with gemstones that are real and have a magnetic charm in them. As per tradition these kinds are super beneficial for health and protect from any misfortunes. However, this is the connotation of cultures and not online stores.

The Collection

The online retailer has some very meticulous designs of the stainless steel bangle with a price range that is reasonable. They almost fit every hand because they are made in such a way. The classy designs have made it to the wrists of many people. They are cheaper than their silver and gold counterparts and hence can be considered for gifting options. The usually range in the sizes of a minimum of eight millimeters and the maximum being twelve millimeters.

Some Great Designs

Patterns and style are essential for people to select and invest in jewelry. …

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Types of Earrings Every Woman Must Have

  • Chandelier Earrings
    One of the most popular types, chandelier earrings have been booming the fashion with their mesmerizing structures. These ornate pieces are usually long and consist of several tiers of beads and glass stones. Chandelier earrings are available in different styles as well as lengths. Their design may make them appear heavy in weight but not all will be painful to the ears or stretch the earlobe. Depending upon their style, they can be used to enhance the beauty of casual and ethnic attires. Chandelier Earrings definitely add some amount of richness to the personality of the wearer.
  • Danglers or Dangle Earrings
    Similar to the chandelier earrings, danglers also hang below the earlobes and move as the wearer makes any movement. Typically they are long and the extremely long ones even brush the shoulders. Though earrings of this type come in various designs, the most famous ones showcase dangling chains, beaded wires and feathers. Danglers can be brilliant additions to western wear, such as, sheath dresses, tunics, gowns, etc. Traditional costumes in addition to danglers stacked with stately pearls have been highlight of the classic fashion.
  • Hoop Earrings
    Hoop earrings have circular structures which highlight the features of the
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Choosing Appropriate Stainless Steel Rings

Choosing as Per Occasions

The rings can be chosen as per countless traditions that happen across the world and the world id filled up with several communities. One can select the platinum ring bands for engagement or other occasions related to marriage. The rings often are a symbol of happenings that are significant in one’s life.

This helps in remembering the loved ones and the spouses can be honored. Many also buy the stainless steel rings for men for just style. There are tonnes of varieties available for it online. There are rings that are specifically bought to mark marital status or about to be married. However, the rings for men can be customized as per the choice.

To be Worn as Accessories

Any kind of stainless steel rings for men can be selected if they are to be worn as mere ornaments. They can also be worn to compliment other pieces of hand accessories that include chains, cuff links, and wrist watches. One can wear them as potential style statements and decorate the fingers with the quirky style and patterns.

Wearing rings also add to the confidence and style quotient in a personality thus one must choose them as …

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Biker Jewelry

Reason for Motorbike Jewelry

Any man can own Biker Jewelry because it is non-consumable and lasts for a very long time. Most of them that are achieved are quality gifts to them. Any biker ornament allows for expressing individual taste and tells tales about one’s personality.

This is because it is the enhancement of one’s persona thus there goes in loads of thought into the subsequent selection and creation of jewelry. They can be perfect gifts to graduating young bikers or avid motorcyclist godfathers.

They are pieces of art and craftsmen take pride in their creations. Hence, one should have a whole pattern of the jewelry with them. For example, if there is a bracelet, skull ring or a belt then necklace should complete the set.

The Rings

Many men wear the big skull rings and sport them as Biker Jewelry. There are various kinds of these available online and artists that have created them have made them look cool. Many materials have been used till date to make them, and these include gemstones, copper, carbon fiber, stainless steel, silver, and gold too.

The various designs include mottos from the old school, chains, skulls, engines and many other innovative designs. …

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Use Diamond Stud Earrings

They are fantastic because they are tiny but look so good, in other words they look good and they are not as noticeable as say for example gold hoop earrings or pearl earrings.

Another great thing about diamond studs is that they are made of a beautiful stone called diamond. Diamond is one of the most rare and expensive stones known to man, and they sparkle very beautifully. Diamond stud earrings not only make your earlobes great to look at but they also make your overall facial feature fantastic.

Now let’s talk about the best places to wear these beautiful earrings. Diamond stud earrings can be worn anywhere but the best places to wear them are:

  1. Upscale dinners – Going to upscale dinners wearing these fantastic earrings will catch the envy of other guests. They sparkle and shine so fantastically that wearing them will catch the attention of other dinner guests and other people at the dinner.
  2. Music concerts – Wearing them especially clear diamond studs at concerts and other events will make you feel like a celebrity and people will definitely be more attracted to you. The natural glow and shine of the diamonds puts you on a level
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