Types of Artificial Leather


Pleather is the term used for a low-cost material that is popular in the process of making items in artificial leather. It is a relatively light material compared to real leather and is made up using a variety of plastic materials. The most common materials to create pleather are PVC and polyurethane. The products in PVC are easily marked and the material can start to harden after cleaning, especially if a dry cleaning service is used. Clothing or furniture based on polyurethane is a lot easier to clean and maintain. This type of artificial leather is easy to dye, which means products can come in virtually any color.


Naugahyde is a type of vinyl-coated material with characteristics that appears much-like real leather. This artificial leather is mostly used to cover furniture, but can also be seen as a popular choice for a wide range of toys, clothes and waterproof seat covers. It has a finish that appears much like real leather and feels quite soft to the touch.

Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is a quite common type of artificial leather that is popular in the production of shoes, garments and accessories. There is a varied range of products …

Choosing Prom Dresses

  • Individuality
    Try to find a design which expresses your individuality. The more that a dress reflects your personality and individuality, the less likely that you are to turn up wearing exactly the same outfit as someone else. When looking for an individual item, it can pay off to spend a little bit of time looking around at different stores, or turning to online stores. If there is only one big store in your town, try not to get your dress from there, as it is highly likely that other people will have bought their prom dresses from there too, and may have chosen exactly the same outfits. If you do get your dress from a big chain store, consider visiting a dressmaker, so that it can be customised.
  • Style
    Consult a style guide to see which style will look best on your body shape. Not every girl will look perfect in every dress, because every girl has unique features. Style guides are able to help you to work out which body type you have, and which type of dress would suit this body type best. Choosing the right style of prom dresses will help you to find a piece which

Facts About Jeans

  • Jeans Were Banned
    Did you know that back in the 1950s the wearing of blue jeans was banned in many restaurants and schools? This was due to the fact that they had been portrayed on TV as a type of rebellion, often with gangs of young men wearing them rebelling against the authorities.
  • Skinny jeans were designed for women to highlight their curves, but now more and more men are wearing them to highlight their leg muscles.
  • One of the first colours of jeans was indigo blue and despite the fact that there are many other colours and patterns available the indigo blue has remained one of the most popular colours to this day. Indigo is produced in over 20 thousand tons each year just for dying jeans.
  • Indigo blue was chosen for jeans due to the fact that the colour helps to hide dirt and stains. However today jeans are sold with rips in them, they are faded and made to look worn.
  • When the first jeans came onto the market they were called waist overalls. Eventually Levi Strauss renamed them to jeans.
  • Skinny jeans don’t necessarily have to be skin-tight. In actual fact they should not cling to

Cocktail Dresses

Picking the dress will be a daunting task for some women. There are some important aspects that you should consider if you are invited into a party. The first aspect is related to the event. There are many types of cocktail dresses in the store.

You need to know the people who come to the party. If it is attended by many important people, you need to shop for a formal cocktail dress which can make you look fabulously stylish. If the people who come to the party are your family and friends, you can wear a simple, easy, and fashionable cocktail dress.

The women who want to play safe since they do not know much about the people who will enjoy the party can opt for the semi-formal cocktail dresses. The design usually will be in knee length or even mid thigh length dress. You need to avoid wearing the long gown.

It is not appropriate for a cocktail party. The long one is suitable for the formal evening party or even red carpet. If you do not want to wear any dresses, you can combine a beautiful blouse with a sweet skirt. If you decide to buy a …

Types Of Western Dresses

  • Bodycon Dresses – Bodycons can be said as the second skin of the wearer as this type of dresses is generally tight and glues with the skin to showcase your proper body shape and figure. These body-hugging dresses are silhouette-skimming dresses which make your look completely astounding. These can be also worn as party wears with skyscraper heels or can be played out with printed block heels and retro shades. In general, these drapes are available in plain silhouettes, single shade and plain design. But one can also buy online western dresses like this with quirky prints as well.
  • Peplum Dresses – It’s an essential for every fashionista’s closet. Peplum dresses showcase amazing mid-wave umbrella type of silhouette which starts from the waist of the dress. One should opt out sleek jewellery, shoes and accessories to complete her look. Avoid shoes while complementing and put on small heeled ballerinas or pencil heels. These dresses are formal environment-friendly as well.
  • Cocktail Dresses – Cocktail party is an event where clinking of glasses and laughing on dark humour is a trend. On this special occasion, one needs to put on something which is highly comfortable to wear all day long and showcase

Men’s Coats

  • The Wool Coat
    Wool coats are complex but timeless. Although they are available in different styles, you can go for a zip-up or a traditional pea coat for instance. Wool has some really cool features. For example, it stays warm and stays in for good. If you spend a few extra bucks, you can get a quality coat. They are an ideal choice for a formal event.
  • The Bomber
    Based on the fabric type, the bomber jacket may not be the best choice to fight the coldest temperature of December, but they offer easy zip, athletic fit and lots of styles. As a matter of fact, these coats are all the rage these days.
  • The Vest
    In simple words, a vest can work in place of a heavy jacket. However, it’s not warm enough. You can give it a go if you are going to spend a night outside with your friends to watch sports.
  • Leather
    Although leather is heavier than other types of materials, it is on the list of warmer fabrics. If you need something to put on to protect yourself from the cold winds, we suggest that you go for a leather jacket. Keep in mind that

Women’s Clothing Options for Summer

Crop Tops

Crop tops aren’t just a trend from the past- they are here to stay. Very easy to pair up with different clothing styles, sexy and flattering, crop tops come in different shapes and sizes. You don’t have to go for the skin-tight top if you don’t feel like it-crop tops can be loose-fitting or just barely cropped, the styling is only limited by your imagination! You can wear a simple crop top with all kinds of skirts, shorts or jeans and look great. Crop tops can be paired up with high waistlines, maxi and miniskirts, casual jeans or flashy, patterned pants. Dare to show a little skin, it’s summer after all!

Summer Dresses

Want a truly classic summer item? Take a pick from dozens of unique patterns and colors and wear a classic summer dress to work, the beach or to a party. A Summer dress doesn’t have to be just a long dress, there are so many styles out there, flattering to different body types and complimenting different styles. Maxi dresses are feminine, flirty and they are very easy to wear. Go for a bold print and leave the rest minimal and you will have a quick …

Get Light and Colorfully Dressed for Summer

Goodbye to the darker shades

In keeping with the riot of colorful flowers blooming everywhere, light and bright colors are in. Are men and boys going to wear those delicate shades of yellow and green, blue and orange? Yes, and why not? You certainly will not wear the darker shades and certainly not black. That might turn out to be dangerous with excessive heat and active, busy lifestyles out in them could result in a stroke. Don’t forget to keep sufficiently hydrated with a variety of liquids.

Put away those heavy costumes and boots

It is time for the dry-cleaned woolens to rest before they are back in action later after you have perspired for months. While you sweat it out now and take to ACs and coolers, it is a relief to get away from those heavy suits, the footwear, and the warm underclothing. While those late night parties in the cold were enjoyable, it is a different carefree attitude now. Let go for the moment and forget those stories of the homeless freezing to death on snowy nights after sleeping on the pavement.

Cotton and silks will do the trick

Whether shirts or trousers, kurta sets with waistcoats, …