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Build Aquamarine Earrings

We all love our earrings in every form but also have our personal favorite style so why not create a pair your way. From a pair of studs, hoops and cluster earrings to drops, danglers and chandeliers, you can have what you like. The soft blue color of aquamarines look charming in every style and it is up to you to enhance their appeal. So start with deciding what kind of earrings you want to make followed by stone selection.

Know what to look for in your stones and pay attention to their color, clarity, cut and carat. Aquamarines are generally pale colored stones so choose those that are of a comparatively darker hue. Larger stones have a more vivid color but if you like smaller ones go for a cluster of them to pronounce their look. A mix of stones in different shapes and sizes add a very lively appeal to earrings especially longer and more elaborate designs.

The charming aquamarines are blessed with good clarity which adds to their shimmer but if you can’t resist the dazzle of diamonds, have a few accents thrown in to create a lovely ripple of light. Use them judiciously especially if you are working on a budget. The metal you pick for your setting is another area of concern. From white gold, yellow gold, platinum or silver pick what you favor and also what you’re comfortable spending.

Look for a setting that looks best with your stones. Pay attention to the closures and clasps as well as the strength of the setting. Something that complements the stones without stealing them of their beauty, apart from being strong enough to hold them well is what you should look for. Consult your jeweler for the right choice.