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Boucle Fabrics

Classic Boucle Cardigan

If you are looking for casual or dressy clothing, you can check out boucle clothing. With a bit of search, you can find jackets that are an ideal choice for professional women. As a matter of fact, the soft texture of this fabric adds a womanish touch to the wear. By choosing tailored pieces, you can achieve a modest, conservative look, which is still considered modern.

Unstructured boucle jackets are smart investments because of their versatility. An unstructured jacket can be dressed up for the office or dinner at a 5-star restaurant, or pair it with jeans and flats for a trip to the farmer’s market.


Cardigans are popular among women, especially those women who want a layer of warmth for making their dresses special. Aside from this, boucle cardigans offer textural interest when you can’t put on a patterned jacket or sweater. What you need is a type of cardigan that can be buttoned or worn for additional warmth. Whether it’s a discounted T-shirt or a silk blouse, you can wear a boucle cardigan with a T-shirt.

Taking Care of Boucle

Since there is a lot of materials available for boucle yard making, we can’t give you a special method of washing your clothing. However, we can give you a few tips. If you have wool or wool-blend clothing, you can try dry cleaning or hand washing. After each use, you may want to use a soft brush to gently brush the jackets. This will help you wash the clothing less often. As a result, you will extend the life of your garments. Make sure you don’t snag the loops while washing or cleaning.