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Black Onyx

The meaning of having or wearing onyx is separateness. It helps in releasing negative feelings and emotions, especially with grief and sorrow. It’s sought out to help end relationships. Black stones but mostly onyx help protect the energies; it’s said that black is the opposite of light, so this helps one see at the end of the tunnel. Onyx helps sharpen your senses, confidence and encourage health.

Persian believed that black onyx relieved pregnant women from the pain form delivery or any pain during pregnancy. They believed that black onyx was a protector from all evil. Today many wear the gemstone to bring them protection and to find great love. This great, small stone is very powerful when worn. It helps protect the wearer from negative energies, enhance self-confidence and health. The health benefits of the black onyx are limitless. If you have problems with your kidney or heart or nerves or eyes, its healing powers will sooth those areas when worn. The onyx properties are steadfast and getting and keeping you level-minded.

This black gemstone in the past was mostly used for carvings of artifacts and jewelry in ancient times and also presently. Onyx was carved into bowls, other pottery items and carvings into cameo pins. Stories of the Greek Goddess Venus to have black onyx fingernails, until a mischievous cupid clipped them all off while she was taking a slumber on the beach. The nail clippings turned into black onyx trapping the demons. When night fell the demons would come alive and terrorize everyone. However, today this stone represents the complete opposite. In the Victorian Era Queen Victoria wore it when she was mourning her King; it helped her grieve and build self-confidence after his passing.

Not only this gemstone have such extraordinary healing powers but also beautiful to wear. In any form it takes into a ring to a dangling necklace, as long its warn you feel its characteristics and natural properties. The black onyx is very exotic and mysterious. Most likely if worn, you will receive a compliment or two then you can tell the person all the wonderful qualities the onyx holds. Teaching others about this gemstone will only bring more enlightenment and sales to all.