Lily Bloom Crossbody Bag

The main advantage as to why the crossbody bag is so popular is how easy it is to carry. Rather than having a shoulder bag that continues to fall off your shoulder when you’re shopping or out and about, these bags fits comfortably over your shoulder and down the opposite site of your body, holding them in place at all times.

Another benefit to the Lily Bloom crossbody bag is you can decide which side you want to wear it from, it is flexible and easy to use. You can wear it on the left, the right, slightly forward or slightly back. The choice is yours and what you are most comfortable with.

You will find that by choosing this particular style of bag, your hands are free at all times. It reduces the need to hold onto the bag as you shop or as you move around, you can enjoy complete confidence that your bag will remain easily in place, enabling you to use both of your hands at all times.

The Lily Bloom crossbody bag can be worn to all types of events, whether you’re heading out with friends to see the latest film release, going out dancing …

Anarkali Dresses

The Bollywood celebrities have raised the mercury levels by adorning sizzling anarkalis in functions and red carpet events, further making the trend more popular among the masses. The popularity of the Anarkali suits can also be attributed to the facts that:

  • Anarkali dresses are gorgeous versions of gowns as the long length, flowy flair of the skirt gives a gown style look.
  • These suits are more popular than other ethnic wear outfits as they are easy to wear & carry
  • Apart from style, these suits also give a royal feeling to the wearer as they render a princess look
  • Since the suits have flared skirt & yoke, it can make you look slim by hiding your tummy fats
  • The intricate embroideries on top of the suit make them perfect option for weddings, parties & functions

The anarkali suits are designed in varieties of exquisite fabrics like net, georgette, velvet, cotton, silk & crepe glammed up with fancy embroideries including zari work, heavy lace work, resham thread work & many more to give a royal look to the suit.

If you are looking to buy these type of designer anarkali suits, then there is gamut of online stores that have a …

Murano Necklaces

Essentially, Murano beads are glass beads. They have been inspired by the glass artists of Venice and have been in vogue since 1291 AD. Over the years, glass artists have experimented with different manufacturing processes and come up with different finished products including multicolored glass, imitation gemstones, enameled glass, gold threaded glass, crystalline glass, milk glass and several more.

Murano beads of different colors are obtained by mixing different metals in very precise quantities. For example, mixing cobalt and copper makes an aquamarine murano bead. Gold solution is used to develop a ruby red bead. A lot of care and effort goes into manufacturing these delicate glass beads because chemical compounds need to be mixed in accurate proportions. Most of the highest quality Murano beads are hand crafted.

Beads that are prepared with such a lot of precision are beaded into attractive patterns to create stunning Murano necklaces. Although Murano necklaces are available all over the world in online as well as land based stores, the two most famous destinations for these jewelry pieces are Venice and Murano in Italy.

Women of all strata and social standing have patronized Murano glass necklaces. European royalty has been seen sporting these rich …

Test Your Silver Jewelry

You can identify authentic sterling jewellery by looking for a mark on the jewelry. The law states that authentic sterling silver must be marked ‘Sterling’ or ‘925’. This engraving is done when the genuine silver is crafted and is typically engraved on the clasp of necklaces or inside of a silver ring or silver bracelet. If the authenticating mark is not present, the chance that it is genuine is extremely rare.

Examine the coloring of the item very closely. Sil. plated jewelry is generally shinier and warmer in tone than genuine silver. If it shines too much or you see parts of the jewelry where the silver looks like it has worn off, the piece of jewelry is possibly silver plated and not authentic.

Authentic silver gets oxidized and tarnishes when kept in open air. Using a light-colored and soft piece of cloth, rub the surface of the item. If you find black marks on the cloth, then the item is very possibly authentic.

Take the piece of jewelry to the jewelry shop and ask them to test it by applying nitric acid to a non-conspicuous spot. The acid will discolor unauthentic silver due to the high content of copper …

Baroque Pearls

Pearls are natural. One cannot change the shape of the pearl like the gold or diamonds can be molded, cut or faceted. They offer themselves as a natural ornament in its own unique shape. Of course you will lighten up wearing the pearls.

Everything you should know about Baroque pearls:

  • The shape of the pearls can vary from minor aberrations to huge ovoid, pinch, lumpy shapes or curved pearls.
  • They can be cultured salt water or freshwater pearls.
  • Freshwater pearls are nucleated with mantle tissue instead of bead where as saltwater pearls tend to be teardrop shape because of the spherical nucleated bead.
  • Tahitian and South Sea are the most valuable type of Baroque.
  • They are highly valued for the color, luster and shapes.
  • The depth of the nacre depends greatly on the amount of time the pearl is cultured.
  • The irregular shape of these pearls is when the oyster creates an uneven deposition of nacre around its nucleus.

Any kind of jewels can fall in love with these pearls and an amazing piece of jewellery can be created. These pearls can partner with several type of ornaments like the bunch of gem stones, semi precious stones, gold and silver

Bucket Hats

Even before the SS Minnow, the bucket hat was a common fashion accessories for women and was a part of the mod fashion movement. At the same time, across the ocean during the Vietnam War, it is said that soldiers used it as a way to shade themselves from the sun. But somewhere between there and the end of the disco error, things switched and the wearers of these hats moved from well to do/rich white women to inner city, urban occupants with a story to tell.

Perhaps the bucket hat really took off in the black community when JJ Walker from Good Times sported the hat (coupled with his charisma and cool) making it a go to for hard working, fun having brothers in the hood who were just “keeping their heads above water.”

Gaining a lot of exposure during the late 1970’s and really picking up steam in the 1980’s with people like LL Cool J, the Fat boys and Run DMC making it a signature piece of their wardrobe, it became a staple in the hip hop and rap community that has never really cooled off.

Yes it is true that it may have become “unpopular” in …

Future of Emeralds

As supply increases, market forces dictate that prices must go down. However this is not happening with Emeralds because with this increase in supply, comes an increase in interest as jewellery designers can confidently incorporate these stunning gems into their collections, knowing the supply will meet demand and companies can invest in a significant advertising campaign aimed at changing the world’s image of the green gem. All of this perhaps then begs the question; could the purchase of an Emerald design be a wise investment?

So how does a company cut through the fashion world’s seasons, where one day, green is everything and the next, well, its ‘so last season’? Emeralds essentially need to become the next Diamond. In the 1930’s De Beers launched their ‘Diamonds are Forever’ campaign, a campaign which survives to this day having planted the Diamond front and centre of our minds as the rock associated with love, romance and commitment. Emeralds need to achieve a similar ‘cult’ status, taking on a meaning which is well defined and well known, above and beyond its current place as the birthstone for May. With stunning actress Mila Kunis about to spearhead a new campaign, the image and perceptions …

Customize Your Shoes

Customizing shoes is one trend that has taken off massively in recent years. With inexpensive and plain shoes available in abundance, shoppers are more than ever choosing to use shoe accessories, dyes and other craft products to add a truly personal touch to their footwear instead of splashing out on more costly designs and brands.

One of the best ways to customize your shoes is with the addition of shoe clips. These shoe accessories are a great way to add unique style to footwear without making any permanent changes. Shoe clips come in a range of materials and designs – from bows and flowers to studs and chains – and can be attached in any place on any shoe.

Shoe accessories such as clips are applied to any footwear by simply clipping them on the sides, fronts, backs, heels and laces of the items in question. They can be moved around and repositioned as often or as little as possible, and can be taken off after wear without leaving any trace of damage on the shoe.

Dye is another great cost effective way of customizing your shoes. Rather than adding a single embellishment like shoe accessories do, dying can completely …

Creative Uses for Shoe Clips

One way to use is to add a little extra to your outfits is by attaching them to your bags. These accessories are in fact a great option for adding a touch of sparkle to a clutch on a night out – simply add a diamante shoe-clip to the edge of a clutch in a plain colour such as black, red or white for an elegant and classy look.

It can also make for an interesting feature on other styles of bags; a flower clip, a bow or a ribbon can add a girly or bohemian element to your summer beach bags. You can also make a plain black or being purse into a rebellious statement piece by clipping on a metal or studded motif such as a skull, or even attaching boot chains to your bag.

In addition to bags, it can grace your scarves with a touch of elegance and even add practical value. Instead of using a brooch to fix a scarf in place, try using it. Whilst brooches can often be formal-looking, a ribbon or beaded shoe-clip is refreshingly fun and frivolous.

Your diamante or jewelled shoe clips can create a formal look for your scarves …

Grading of Diamonds


The cut of a diamond refers to the quality of the diamond cut (including its symmetry, proportioning and the polish of its facets). It does not, as is often misunderstood, refer to its geometrical shape (round brilliant, princess, emerald, cushion, etc.). The cut contributes more to the beauty of a diamond than any other factor. A high quality cut really enhances a diamond’s brilliance (brightness), sparkle or scintillation (flashes of light and dark) and fire (flashes of colour).

The GIA assigns the following cut grades:

Very Good


Nearly all diamonds contain small imperfections known as inclusions if they are on the inside of the diamond and blemishes if they are on the surface of the diamond. These imperfections tend to alter the path of light through the diamond and so, if a diamond has many inclusions or blemishes, it is likely to appear less brilliant. When grading the clarity of a diamond, the grader will view the diamond both with the naked eye and through a loupe (a 10x magnifying glass).

The GIA has develop the following standard definitions for levels of clarity, which are now widely used:

Flawless (FL)
Internally flawless (IF)
Very, …