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Blue Amber

Increasing Mental Stability

The blue amber when worn on a necklace or a bracelet interacts with the skin. It produces certain effects within the biological composition of the body. The effects manifest in the form of increased mental alertness and stability. If you were a very short tempered and fickle minded person before, you would notice a considerable change in this behavior.

Upgrading Your Mental Alertness

It will make you more alert mentally. Thus you can concentrate on your work better and can deliver results in a fast and efficient manner. This is a very common problem among youth who have reduced alertness as their mind venture to several thoughts quickly. People who have worn rings with these ‘stones’ have reported their mental alertness increased manifold.

A Better Control on Your Emotions

This variety is also found to create an emotional stability. Often we tend to become very sensitive to small matters and get affected easily. We lose our control and do things which are not at all expected from us. If you are someone facing this sort of problem, don’t blame yourself entirely. Situations that you face in life also contribute to these problems. Such amber rings have proved …

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Choose the Tracksuit

The Place You Intend To Wear the Tracksuits

If you are thinking of wearing the tracksuits for the purpose of exercise then you do not need a fashionable one. You can go for the fashionable ones only if you are too much concerned about the current styles. During the winter seasons try to opt for the thicker tracksuits. This will help you to endure the cold weather. When you are in the public places avoid wearing the tracks and go for casual dressing styles.

The Color of the Tracksuits

Do you have any color fantasies? If yes, then you should definitely choose those colors and make them a part of your closet. For other times you can choose the tracksuits according to the skin tone of your body. Choosing a darker shaded one during the hot summer days is not a great option. You will feel hotter and tend to sweat more. For tracksuits, navy blue, gray, are the best colors. Some of the track tops might differ in color. You have to choose that one which you feel the best.

The Type of the Tracksuits

There are various styles of tracksuits available. Some are hooded and some without the …

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Types of T-Shirt Printing Methods

Modern Digital Printing

The digital printing is direct printing on the garment. It is a newer concept and is sometimes known to work like an inkjet printer. The best part is that they use higher resolution prints. This gives detailed images on the garments. The digital t-shirt printing makes the prints to be soft on the shirts. They look best with artworks that have gradients, tones, and different shadings. They are mostly found to be long lasting. The cost of this kind of printing is very low. There are one-off designs possible with the types of printing. They give a professional finishing.

Traditional Screen Printing

This is considered to be one of the best types of t-shirt printing. The printing creates a template or stencil effect. The printing is done by holding the screen in place. Earlier the silk screens were used, now it has been replaced by a nylon mesh. The ink is flooded to the screen. To ensure the right amount of ink gets into all the parts of the shirts a squeegee is used to press down the paint. After the design is painted the screen is removed. Then the paint is dried or cured. This is …

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Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt

  1. All-white: Whether you’re heading for a game or just want to look smart, an all-white outfit can always work wonders. Start with classic white pique polo. Make sure the shirt cuts slim through the body. Next, team the polo with white chinos that are narrow through the leg and taper towards the bottom. Complete the look with rice brown loafers. If white doesn’t work for your skin tone, go in for any other pastel hues.
  2. Sports luxe: Since the polo gets its origin from a sport, you can even give it a sportier look by teaming it with a pair of joggers or athleisure’s. You can even pair it with black cropped trousers. White leather shoes or canvas trainers will complete your look.
  3. Shirt replacement: An easy way to look sharp while looking cool is by replacing your full-sleeve white shirt with a polo shirt in your suit or blazer. Dark hues polos can be extremely formal when paired with the right coat or blazer. You can add a bit of sophistication to your look by wearing minimal trainers or suede loafers.
  4. Dress it up: If polos suit you too much, you can also use it as a top layer
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Women’s Summer Wedges

  • Metallics
    It’s no secret that metallic tones are in for this season. Gold, copper, and pewter shades are popping up all over in the fashion footwear industry, and women’s wedges are no exception. These versatile metallic colors capture the light in an amazing way to give a shine and sheen to your shoes, making them absolutely perfect for summer style! And not to mention, they will pair well with everything in your closet, from the cute and sassy sundress to a casual pair of jeans.
  • Platforms
    Looking to push the limits and elevate your style even more? Consider another great summer trend, and strap on a pair of platform wedges. If you’re all about adding as much height as possible to your look, platform wedges may be the way to go! Wedges like these are great for summer parties like family barbeques or graduation celebrations because they can give a dramatic boost to your height without leaving you in pain all throughout the evening. One of the most popular styles, Bushnell, are surprisingly comfortable wedges, with stretchy slingback straps to ensure a proper fit, and a sloped footbed to cradle your feet in comfort.
  • Thongs
    If you’re planning on spending
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Wear High Rise Jeans

Ladies with a boyish body shape can wear most of the jeans style, including high-rise one. Also, petite girls look great in high rise jeans, because they highlight their waist and elongate the legs.

When to wear high-rise jeans? The answer is simple: when you have a great body and you want to show it. High-rise jeans are meant to show the wearer beautiful shape and particularly enhance the bottoms. And now, fashion brands have increased the front inseam up to 11.5 inches. To wear such jeans, requires some efforts. That means that you must be really fit. But with great effort comes bigger rewards and your friends will always admire how well you fit in your new jeans.

The immense versatility of high rise jeans means that they can be worn anytime of the year, as long as you choose the right size, color and texture. When choosing a high-rise pair of jeans, make sure it has good “memory” properties, meaning how fast will the texture spring back after wear.

Regarding what to wear with this type of jeans, the options are also seemingly countless. Since the obvious reason you wear them is to display your waist and shape, …

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Personalized T-Shirts

Special events

With a little creative thinking, the personalized t-shirts are a practical choice for fundraiser and corporate events. The t-shirt can be used in several different ways. For instance, it can be used as a raffle prize, sold at the event, or part of the entry fee.

Any design for the t-shirt should be tailored to the specific event or occasion. It is useful to include information like the time and date to help advertise the occasion in advance. Also, the stylish and appealing design means there is a greater chance of the t-shirt still being worn by attendees after the event.

Personal style statement

If you are tired of wearing the same outdated clothes, you can look at creating your own personal style statement. For those with the creative or artistic skills, creating a unique t-shirt design with funky patterns, funny images, or inspired slogans or quotes shouldn’t be that difficult. There are plenty of opportunities to create the personal clothing line and style with the preferred colors and designs.

Support social causes

The personalized t-shirts are a great way to support a wide range of social causes. They give a perfect option to show your support for …

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Choose Jeans For This Spring

If you haven’t read some fashion magazines recently, then you have probably the latest trends and fashion-stylists ‘suggestions for this spring. In nine out of ten cases, the words on every designer and stylist lips are: skinny jeans. Yes, you heard it, ladies, this year is the year of the skinny jeans. When you’re not going to fancy meetings or dinners, where a sophisticated look is desired, skinny jeans should be the alternative. A casual tee and simple slides or sandals, paired with jeans is the right match. It’s a 3 minute outfit that will give you a fresh, playful look. Tuck your tee into your jeans, just to highlight your wasp-waist that you are proud of.

The need for lighter, heat-deflecting clothes is accentuated in spring. Lighter denim jeans, besides being a bit more comfortable, due to their thinner and flexible texture, have the right colors and textures to give you a chill and comfortable feeling. And you can wear them with light-colored blouses and t-shirt to match them.

Skinny jeans are so fashionable and so easy to customize and it leaves room for our imagination. A pair of high-waisted denim jeans, combined with a navy blue blouse or …

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Types Of Scarves

Square scarf

Also known as the neckerchief, this unit is often made from silk and adds volume and fashion sense to your outfit. The units come in different sizes and designs, and it’s up to you to choose the right ones for you. You can wear this scarf in a variety of ways. You can wear it around your neck, use it to tie your hair, or even tie it around your purse thus adding extra flair.

Rectangular scarves

They are the most common types of scarves in the market. They have a basic shape which is often a long piece of fabric. While most of them have basic designs, there are some that have complex designs. For example, there are some that feature poms, tassels, or fringes at the ends. Most of these units are 40-80 inches in length, but there are some that go up to 65 inches long.

While the original designs were meant to be looped around the neck, you can use it in various other ways. You can use the outfit as a shirt, belt, handbag, and anything else you would want.


The oblong scarves come in various prints and fabrics. The most attractive …

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Tips for Choosing Clothes for Plus Size Women

V-Neck Tops

V-neck tops look especially great on plus size women as it helps elongate your torso, diminishing the wideness of it. If you like it, wear a slightly deeper neck too. V-necks elongate your look and bring the eye downwards.

Proper Undergarments

It is also important that you wear proper and well-fitting undergarments because not only will you feel more comfortable when your undergarments fit well but your clothes for plus size women will also fit you better when you wear proper undergarments.

High Waists or Low Waists

High and low waists can both be used to your greatest advantage. Wear a high-waisted dress with a slimmer waistline and you can accentuate your curves better. Maybe even wear a belt to add emphasis, but if you are wearing pants, a lower waist band might look better. Wear pants that sit low on your hips so your belly is better hidden.

Longer Tops

Wear tops that elongate your torso. If you don’t have a belly worth showing off, cover it up! A longer top also elongates your torso and makes you look slimmer. Also, this way even if your love handles stick out over the top of your jeans, others …

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