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Lightweight Jewelry

Casual Jewelry

While at home, the minimum jewel pieces adorned by most women are diamond rings, earrings, bangles or bracelets, designer necklaces and mangalsutra by married ones. With changing trends, there are wide innovations in designs of each of the jewelry item adorned on daily basis. Women today are working in the kitchen with the same efficiency as they work at the office. So they choose those trinkets which are not required to be changed while at home and at the office.

The mix and match style jewels and exclusive work-wear collection are introduced by jewelers to maintain the balance between personal and professional look. Going astray from traditional metal choice, women are choosing white and rose tints of gold too, after all, they desire jewel pieces which let them look unique in the crowd. Even the metal purity can also be chosen along with diamond quality which can make big difference in the budget when one is looking for budget-friendly design.

Lightweight Bridal Jewelry

Lightweight Bridal Jewelry, Impossible! No, it is not. The trending diamond jewelry is designed to be feather-light not only for casual wear but bridal jewelry too gives a lighter look and feel. As the bridal …

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Make Braided Bracelets

The first thing that you should do is to cut three strands of the material that you want to make a bracelet from. The material can be a yarn, thread, leather or shoestring. For ideal results you should ensure that the strands are of different colors that look good together. For example, you can choose red, white and yellow.

You should tie the strands together by tying a knot at the top of the strand while leaving a one inch of material above the knot.

For you to easily braid the bracelets, you should ensure that the strands are long enough. To anchor the bracelet, you should tape the short loose ends of the strands to the tabletop. You can also tape the loose ends to the edge of a desk.

You should then braid the bracelet by separating the strands into three groups: left, right, and center. You should move the right strand over the middle strand and then the left strand over the right one. By doing this you will have moved the center strand to the right side. You should continue braiding until only an inch of strand is left.

After completing doing this you should tie …

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Finding a Quality Jewelry

There is no getting away from the fact that jewelry is an asset and often an expensive one. This does not mean that it is not well-worth it, however, the outlay may be one that individuals have saved up for. Therefore, it is imperative that when you are purchasing an item that you are completely confident in the product itself and the establishment that you purchase it from. Getting this right is the key to ongoing success; a quality jeweller will offer a lifetime service as to whether it is repair, remodelling or further purchases.

Firstly, you are looking for reputation. This does not necessarily mean shopping from one of the larger, well-known stores. In fact, it is likely that you will receive a much-improved buyer experience from a smaller, local jeweller. However, their reputation will be visible through reviews of their shops online. Facebook, Google and website testimonials offer a great insight into reputation of a Company.

Secondly, it is important to make contact with the shop. It may be that you choose to visit the store or speak to them over the phone. Either way, all experiences of dealing with your chosen shop should be positive and helpful.…

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Swarovski Crystal Pendants

One way to get the sparkle you crave, without burning a hole in your wallet is to buy or make a necklace with Swarovski crystal pendants. These pendants are specially made from cut lead glass by the world famous crystal makers, Swarovski. They are designed to reflect light in many of the same ways that diamonds do, meaning their appealing glint is great for less expensive pieces of jewelry which want to look classy, not tacky.

All of Swarovski’s products are renowned for their brilliant craftsmanship and exceedingly high quality, and Swarovski crystal pendants are no exception to that. The experts at Swarovski have been working with cut lead glass since the end of the 19th Century, so they have had over a century in which to perfect their art, and the knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation. Besides these pendants, the company also makes a huge range of art, sculptures and home decor pieces, all out of cut lead glass.

Many of the world’s top fashion and jewelry designers use Swarovski crystal pendants and beads in their work, so pop stars, film stars and even minor royalty have been seen wearing items adorned with Swarovski. Therefore, …

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Pewter Beads

Pewter is a metal alloy which is traditionally about 90% tin, with the remaining 10% consisting of a varied mixture of copper, antimony, bismuth and occasionally small amounts of silver. There are different standards worldwide as to what proportions these elements must be used in for the alloy to legally be classed as pewter. Pewter alloys in Europe traditionally use less tin than alloys in Asia, which means that pewter in Asia is slightly softer than pewter in Europe. Because pewter is so malleable, it can easily be formed in to things like pewter beads and pendants which can be used in jewelry making. As well as being used for these beads, is also now in use for many other decorative objects, such as collectable figurines and aircraft models. In some sporting contests, pewter medals are given to the fourth place finisher, behind the bronze medal winner.

The earliest pieces of pewter were found in a tomb in ancient Egypt, but they were not in the form of pewter beads. Evidence shows that the use of pewter became more common in the 12th century as craftspeople began to work with it more often to create jewelry and “fine” tableware. It …

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Salwar Kameez

The three parts of the dress are designed in different ways in order to come up with the different types of the dress. The different types include:

  • Anarkali: it’s also known as the royal dress and it represents the Mughal period. It’s usually made from net or chiffon and is worn during festivals and religious functions. It’s also common to find girls wearing it during weddings.
  • Knee length: this dress is very popular. The kurta is usually knee length while the pajama is open at the bottom. To make the dress ethnic the dupatta is longer than the kurta.
  • Full length: this is a common dress with the modern Indian woman. Here the kurta is full length from the top to the bottom.

For the dress to look elegant on you, you need to wear it properly. To guide you here are ideas on how to wear it.

For an excellent look you should always wear the dress with a long scarf draped over your shoulders. For a great look you should go for a scarf that complements your dress.

If you are attending a formal occasion, you should consider accessorizing your dress. Some of the best …

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Reverse Hoop Earrings

Today there is a new style of hoops on the market: the reverse hoop earrings. These earrings differ from the classic hoop earrings in a number of ways. First, they are clasp-less. Due to their design, these hoops do not require a clasp to secure them.

The second difference is that they are always thin. They are generally created to be about as thick as a standard earring post. Reverse hoops have to be created thin due to the way they are worn. This also means that the earrings are super lightweight, almost feather weight.

So how are Reverse hoop earrings worn? It may sound a little silly, but they are worn backwards. This is because unlike a classic hoop, these earrings are inserted into the back of your piercing. They are then gently pulled forward until the clasp on the back of the hoop is felt touching the back of your earlobe.

So what should you look for when purchasing a pair of reverse hoop earrings?

First you will want to see how thick the earrings are. An ideal thickness for reverse hoop earrings will be less than 1.0 mm is diameter. If the reverse hoop earring is larger …

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