Loose Diamond Assessments

The 4 Cs of diamonds and diamond buying had been used in the industry for years and indicate the major contributing characteristics of the diamonds success. Names, the 4 Cs are color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. When evaluation is carried out by industry professional jewelers for the purposes of appraisals or other such evaluations, the 4 Cs are they determine the price pf the gemstone separate from the price of the ring or other fine jewelry piece.

Color can be tricky. Is the color of the diamond natural, and to what extent has the diamond been subjected to chemicals to alter original coloring? Keeping this in mind might be worth it when the diamond is getting appraised or when you take it into a jewelry store for further examination, where the gemstones are usually subject to examination under 10x magnification. Remember that any diamond with very saturated with color is likely a highly chemically treated diamond, are rich colors are extremely rare in nature.

Cut refers to the style design the diamond is cut according to, and the faceting and proportioning of the diamond is all about letting its natural brilliance shine. There are many different kinds of cuts …

Diamond and Aquamarine Gemstones

Everyone knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and one of the most highly desired gemstones. It is popular for amazing clarity, and sparkling luster that captures everyone’s attention. The same can be said for aquamarine, the glittering member of the beryl family. Like emerald (another member of beryl family) the light aquamarine gemstone is recognized for its excellent clarity and vitreous luster. Just like diamond, light aquamarine is particularly well-suited for brilliant cuts. In addition, the good hardness of aquamarine (7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale) makes it an ideal choice for jewelry.

There are various factors that make Diamond and aquamarine gemstones differ from each other. First of all, diamond is the April birthstone and aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March. Secondly, if both the gems are evaluated from the 4C’s grading system perspective, then:

  • Color: The best quality diamonds display a complete lack of color. They are ranked alphabetically, D through Z, with D being the purest of gemstones. However, the color of beryl family members like Espirito Santo aquamarine or Santa Maria aquamarine ranges from pale to light-blue, dark-blue, blue-green and green-blue. The value of this amazing gemstone increases with the increment

Choosing Prom Dresses

  • Individuality
    Try to find a design which expresses your individuality. The more that a dress reflects your personality and individuality, the less likely that you are to turn up wearing exactly the same outfit as someone else. When looking for an individual item, it can pay off to spend a little bit of time looking around at different stores, or turning to online stores. If there is only one big store in your town, try not to get your dress from there, as it is highly likely that other people will have bought their prom dresses from there too, and may have chosen exactly the same outfits. If you do get your dress from a big chain store, consider visiting a dressmaker, so that it can be customised.
  • Style
    Consult a style guide to see which style will look best on your body shape. Not every girl will look perfect in every dress, because every girl has unique features. Style guides are able to help you to work out which body type you have, and which type of dress would suit this body type best. Choosing the right style of prom dresses will help you to find a piece which

Facts About Jeans

  • Jeans Were Banned
    Did you know that back in the 1950s the wearing of blue jeans was banned in many restaurants and schools? This was due to the fact that they had been portrayed on TV as a type of rebellion, often with gangs of young men wearing them rebelling against the authorities.
  • Skinny jeans were designed for women to highlight their curves, but now more and more men are wearing them to highlight their leg muscles.
  • One of the first colours of jeans was indigo blue and despite the fact that there are many other colours and patterns available the indigo blue has remained one of the most popular colours to this day. Indigo is produced in over 20 thousand tons each year just for dying jeans.
  • Indigo blue was chosen for jeans due to the fact that the colour helps to hide dirt and stains. However today jeans are sold with rips in them, they are faded and made to look worn.
  • When the first jeans came onto the market they were called waist overalls. Eventually Levi Strauss renamed them to jeans.
  • Skinny jeans don’t necessarily have to be skin-tight. In actual fact they should not cling to

Diamond Solitaire Ring

Let’s get a little familiar with the solitaries before you plan to buy one. Before selecting a diamond you must know the 4Cs: Cut, color, Clarity and Carat weight where Cut defines the brilliance of the stone; Color states the shade of a diamond varies from transparent to light yellow; Clarity shows the flaws of the diamond which includes blemishes and inclusions and Carat weight defines the weight of the diamond. These four factors significantly affect the price of the stone. Apart from the 4Cs of the diamond, shape of the stone has a crucial role to play in the looks and the price of a ring. Some popular diamond shapes are round, heart, pear, princess, marquise, oval, radiant, cushion etc. The Next point to ponder on when selecting a diamond solitaire ring is the setting of the stone like prong, pave, pressure set etc.

Now comes the much awaited time of buying the precious ring. Instead of running from one jeweller to another, shop from online jewelry stores. Here, a wide collection of products is displayed under different categories depending on the metal, price, occasion and style of jewelry. You can browse the site and choose the product you …

Many Shades of Loose Diamonds

Volcanic eruptions below the earth’s surface bring the diamonds within reach to diamond harvesters. This is a time consuming method of obtaining one of the most gorgeous stones the world has to offer. Various factors can determine a diamond’s color. Boron turns the diamond blue while nitrogen can turn the stone yellow. How awesome would it be to have a blue engagement ring? Other factors such as radiation exposure can also alter the shade of the diamond. Diamonds are made of carbon atoms that are strongly bonded together. Synthetic diamonds, like cubic zirconium, are also produced and are significantly more affordable than the real deal. They share a lot of the qualities of a real diamond and look very similar. However, the diamond is one of the hardest natural materials in the world. You can only cut or chip a diamond with another diamond. That is just remarkable!

One of the most famous loose diamonds in the world is the Hope Diamond. Weighing in at a striking 45.52 carats, this diamond is owned by the Smithsonian Natural History Museum located in Washington, D.C. but was found in India. The huge stone is allegedly cursed and will bring vast misfortune to …

Types of String


Nylon is a highly versatile option that is practical for many different jewelry designs. It is a reliable option in woven bracelets and a useful choice for most general string related situations. Nylon string is split into several different categories. One of the popular types is the Chinese knotting cord which is a type of braided nylon. This nylon is very strong and easily able to maintain its shape. Also, the KO beading thread is abrasion resistant, strong and easy to secure the ends tightly.


Cotton cord is a useful option for projects that can benefit from a distinctive look. This type of string material is created by combining several woven threads and applying a coating of wax to help minimize issues with fraying. It is great for stringing beads with a threaded hole in the region of 1 to 2 mm in thickness. Once the coating of wax is applied, the string is very clean and durable.


Elastic cord is a useful option for making jewelry that needs a certain degree of flexibility, such as the stretchy bracelets. The elastic nature of this string makes the jewelry very easy to remove. Once the jewelry beads are …

Round Brilliant Diamond

About the round brilliant cut

The round brilliant is the most researched diamond shape available of all engagement ring cuts. Cutters have been using precise mathematical calculations and advanced theories of light behaviour for many years. This has optimized the fire and brilliance in a round diamond.

It was in 1919 when the round shape started to become more popular after Marcel Tolkowsky published ‘Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond’. His work described the ideal proportions of a round cut diamond to maximise its brilliance and fire. His thesis has since been worked on by diamond manufacturers to further improve a round diamond cut.

A round diamond gives more flexibility than other engagement ring cuts in terms of balancing cut, colour and clarity grades while still generating the fire and brilliance of the stone. Most round diamonds are brilliant cut which means they have 58 facets, or 57 when there is no culet (the small area at the bottom of the diamond’s pavilion).

Colour and Clarity

Evaluating the colour and clarity of round cut diamonds is based on personal taste. For example, GIA classification states that a diamond of more than 50 carats …

Strand Pearl Necklaces

Very different are the necklaces worn by Princess Diana. These were glorious chokers, often with elaborate clasps that were a design element of the necklace. Not all of them were that elaborate: Princess Diana, like the Queen, favoured wearing pearls on all occasions; to garden parties and to formal, evening occasions too.

During the 1940s and 50s, the “twin set and pearls” brigade of ladies had their heyday. The cashmere sweater and matching jumper, accompanied by a pearl necklace was iconic of the middle class, “up Town and County” set and was considered almost a trademark of the well-brought-up and well-connected lady-about -town. It spoke of “class” and “breeding” and “good taste”.

The twin set look goes in and out of fashion but the pearl necklace has never gone out of fashion: the classic three strands, the choker, the three strand, opera length necklace beloved by celebrities the world over and the highly-desirable pearl rope necklace have stayed at the top of fashion. Here is Katherine Heigl, wearing a real beauty:

She was most certainly not the first celebrity to realise the beauty-enhancing qualities of fine pearls. Her Majesty, Elizabeth the Queen Mother looks resplendent in her three long strands …

Pandora Charms

Some of Pandora charms feature gemstones, while others are made from Murano glass. Moreover, they are available in sterling silver or 14k gold. Some are a combination of gold and silver. You can choose from a variety of charms like flower charms, baby charms, sports charms and so on. Colors choices are also available.

If you don’t know how to clean a Pandora charm, you can do this very easily. All you need to do is wash them down with lukewarm soapy water. For removing dirt and smudges, a brush can be used. However, you should never go for a harsh cleaner. Apart from this, make sure you don’t expose it to chemicals, such as chlorine and salt.

The great thing about Pandora charms is that you can design a variety of bracelets using them. For instance, you can design one that will remind you of some special moments in your life. If you put on a red dress, for instance, you can design and put on a red bracelet. Based on your mood or occasion, you can make changes to your bracelet with Pandora charms. And this is quite easy. You can do this whether you have an expensive …